Monday, September 1, 2008

Congratulations! Dr. Hsing-Han Chen Elected as the New Chairman of Taiwan Society of Occupational Medicine

Taiwan Society of Occupational Medicine elected its new chairman, the Director of Min-Sheng General Hospital's International Heath Care Department, Dr। Chen Hsing Han, during its 11th board meeting at Tri-Service General Hospital on 7/27/2008.

Dr. Chen swore to be the new chairman at the handover ceremony testified by two former Chairmen. Dr. Chen has been with Min-Sheng since August 2002. During his tenure, he has held a number of high level positions including Deputy Superintendent and Director of Hyperbaric Medicine. Furthermore, he has served many years as the Director for the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Dr. Chen stated that he was able to obtain a majority of the votes mainly due to the fact that he works in a high quality establishment, such as Min-Sheng Hospital. Another factor that contributed to Dr. Chen's being elected as the chairman was his experience as a director in the Occupational Medicine Society. The amiable Dr. Chen has been whole-heartedly devoted to the society for many years.

Besides being a personal accomplishment for Dr. Chen, the election shines favorably on Min-Sheng Hospital. As soon as the hospital learned of the good news, posters were placed about the hospital so everyone could share in the joy.

After Dr. Chen takes over as chairman, he intends to advance the organization and occupational safety by working to reduce laborers' occupational injuries, safeguarding the security of laborers' work, and promoting the role and function of occupational disease doctors. He also believes it important to establish a system of industrial management doctors and nurse technicians by fully utilizing the society. Moreover, he would like to see the creation of an organization that safeguards both laborers and employers. Dr. Chen indicated that in the future the Society of Occupational Medicine will enthusiastically conduct occupational safety training courses, thus contributing to cooperation between management and workers, and a reduction in occupational disasters. He also emphasized interaction between occupational medicine societies on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, as well as other countries.

Min-Sheng Health Care System's Occupational Services Department has achieved a great deal with regard to foreign laborers and special examinations. According to Dr. Chen, Min-Sheng Chairman Dr. Yang, after receiving the news of Dr. Chen's appointment, said that being elected chairman of a nationwide medical society despite only coming from a regional hospital is no easy task. Besides expressing his congratulations, Chairman Dr. Yang also expressed his desire to contribute resources from his own hospital in support of the society, as well as in support of Taiwan's occupational disease prevention, and the advancement of cooperation between laborers and employers.

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