Monday, September 29, 2008

Alliance Signing Ceremony between Fu-Jen Catholic University and Min-Sheng Healthcare System

For the promotion of medical practice, academic cooperation, and the research and integration of health care, the Fu-Jen Catholic University School of Medicine and the Min-Sheng Health Care System will hold a contract signing ceremony on September 25, 2008 in Fu-Jen University's third floor conference room. The two parties hope to achieve mutual support and establish a sound organization of school-hospital cooperation.

Fu-Jen Catholic University's School of Medicine is the only school of medicine in Taiwan which has comprehensively reformed its teaching method and utilized "problem oriented" case study teaching in small classes referred to as Problem Based Learning or PBL. The two sides hope the students will come to understand the future of clinical technology while enjoying a richer and more diversified learning environment through clinical teaching, practice and research. Most of all, both sides expect Fu-Jen Catholic University Medical School graduates to become the future leaders and pioneers of Taiwan's medical community.

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