Sunday, September 21, 2008

Medical Team at Min-Sheng Able to Cure Patient When No One Else Could

A 38 year old female suffering from abdominal pain, abdominal distention, and constipation, had sought treatment for ten years in numerous hospitals and clinics. After repeated examinations and ineffective treatments, most doctors concluded that the patient suffered from a nervous disorder, or hypochondria. The patient was eventually prescribed morphine to deal with the pain. Over time, the patient needed to use higher and higher dosages until she was addicted. Even though the patient tried to resolve the problem, she received a total of five laparotomies in ten years, which only caused her morphine intake to increase without improving her symptoms. During that decade, she needed to use large doses of laxatives and she constantly received enemas. Nevertheless, she was only able to defecate every four to five days. Even when the patient complained of chronic constipation most doctors merely considered it a side effect of morphine addiction and she was not given a more detailed examination until she came to our hospital. Fortunately, in our hospital we ran several tests that other hospitals didn't and we soon discovered that the patient needed colon surgery. After the operation, the patient resumed normal eating, and regained smooth bowel function. Furthermore, abdominal pain and distention ceased, and the patient was able to kick her morphine habit. According to her testimony, she felt as if she had been "reborn!"

Min-Sheng General Hospital has a very strong surgical team with most doctors having been educated at the National Taiwan University Hospital. The team has a wealth of experience and technology at its disposal. Moreover, it has accumulated multiple success stories through the professional division of labor and interdisciplinary treatment. Led by VP Dr. Wei-Jie Lee, the team believes it can protect the health of the citizens of Taoyuan.

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