Monday, September 29, 2008

Yi-De Long-Term Care Center Residents Show No Fear of Wind and Rain

An uninvited guest, Typhoon Sinlaku, was unable to dampen the mood at Yi-De Long-Term Care Center's Mid-Autumn Festival party। The September 13th party for the elderly went on as scheduled; however, three of the originally planned events were cancelled due to the rain। Nevertheless, the indoor percussion show still went on।

The central hall was lit up by the bright colors of a two-storey high balloon, which filled the hall with joy and laughter and took everyone's focus away from the wind and rain outside. The Yi-De Long-Term Care Center holds a variety of events every year. All activities are done with the center's senior residents in mind, and this year the center's staff worked extra hard to ensure that the event was memorable and successful despite the poor weather conditions.

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