Monday, February 16, 2009

Min-Sheng Health Care System's Huayang Hospital Has Completed New System Hospital Accreditation

On August 1st, 2008 Min-Sheng Health Care System took over Huayang General Hospital in Chungli, Taiwan. Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Chen Ching-Yuan, Huayang Hospital integrated into the Min-Sheng system within two months. At the same time, he assured the hospital's smooth acceptance of the new system and the passage of hospital accreditation. Dr. Chen stated that Huayang Hospital's being ready to complete the task in a very short period was, apart from the efforts of his associates, proof of the thoroughness and success of Min-Sheng Health Care System's hospital management platform. He added that the hospital will provide the people with high quality health care and service, and promote high standards of care in south Taoyuan. With the integration of Huayang Hospital into the Min-Sheng system, the medical team will come to include heart medicine physician Dr. Qiu Ding-Yu, Bariatric surgeon Dr. Li Wei-Jie, chest medicine physician Dr. Ye Bu-Sheng, heart medicine specialist Dr. Sun, and ophthalmologist Dr. Lai Cheng-Ting. What's more, members of the Huayang orthopedic team have been invited to join the Southern Taoyuan Orthopedic Center, which will greatly benefit local orthopedic patients. Vice President Liu Qi-Tian, who is responsible for the south Taoyuan market, said that constant participation and evaluation drive Min-Sheng's pursuit of high quality health care. He added that the system continues to lead the way in "patient centered" service by providing high quality humanized care.

Min-Sheng CEO Yang Speaks at D.C. Consumer Health Conference

Missioncare Health Care System CEO Fred Yang was recently invited to speak at the Consumer Health World Forum in Washington, D।C. His speech was entitled "The internationalization of Innovation Driven Health Care".

Forum attendees included major U.S. insurance companies, large employers and international medical industry professionals. The importance of the seminar was highlighted by the fact that two U.S. senators and the president of the American Medical Association also spoke at the event.
CEO Yang stated that the purpose of the trip wasn't so much to introduce Min-Sheng's health care system to the U।S., but to better introduce Taiwan's medical industry. He pointed out that Taiwan's electronics and information technology products are world famous, of course owing to the fact there are talented professionals working in both of those industries, but, he added, the most talented people in Taiwan attend medical school. He concluded that in Taiwan, the most talented work in patient services!

CEO Yang shared with the audience the many advantages that led to the creation of the Taiwanese international service miracle: geographical advantage, language advantages, a sophisticated IT environment, and human resources advantages। Finally, he stressed the importance of quality talent in Taiwan.

Following the seminar, CEO Yang was invited to deliver another speech to the National Taiwan University alumni in North America. CEO Yang pointed out that Min-Sheng's internationalization efforts have gradually come to fruition. Additionally, he added that Taiwan's medical industry can be competitive in the international arena and that Min-Sheng will continue to play the role of international medical pioneer in the future.

Min-Sheng Opens Long-Term Care Center in Luchu Township

The Min-Sheng Health Care System has opened the Luchu Township Long-Term Care Center। The center, which officially began operations on Jan। 19, will greatly benefit the residents of the Luchu एरिया।।Invited to the opening ceremony were Min-Sheng's ChairmanYang Min-Sheng, system CEO Dr. Fred Yang, and Luchu Mayor Yu Ju-Lan among others.

The center was planned by a local government agency and bids were accepted by open tender. The project was under the commission of Yi-De Elder Care Center's operational management. The long-term care center covers an area of approximately 10,000 square feet. Additionally, the property looks out upon outdoor bridges, a fountain and an outdoor stage. What's more, the designers were able to design it in such a way that the compound is very safe, yet aesthetically appealing.

Care will be provided for high-quality and innovative services, including U-care RFID remote monitoring services, 24 hour monitoring at the call center, daily measurements of body temperature and pulse, ultimately providing residents with more humane services.

The center will open with a total of 200 beds, well equipped hardware, and excellent security. In addition, the Luchu township offices will actively combine community resources to promote social welfare services, such as community room service planning, which will allow for locals to participate in community activities.

CEO Fred Yang indicated that meeting the demand for elderly care services has become increasingly important. He added that the stability of customers and the pursuit of sustainable development and the concept of quality care for the elderly will enable seniors to enjoy a dignified and healthy life well into their golden years.

Min-Sheng's Cardiovascular Center First to Receive Coveted JCIDSC-AMI

Min-Sheng has been awarded Joint Commission International Disease Specific Certification for Acute Myocardial Infarction. Min-Sheng passed the rigorous two day evaluation becoming the first hospital in Taiwan to receive disease specific accreditation.

In recent years, Min-Sheng has adopted an international perspective and an innovative approach, proactively seeking various kinds of accreditation as part of its overall strategy to enhance its medical service and quality. Now the residents of Taoyuan county can take advantage of a total solution under one roof.

The evaluation focused on 24 quality indicators, clinical care and the quality of medical care. It also included a cardiovascular briefing presentation, review of written information, and an on-site inspection of all units and patient visits through an international external audit system.

Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dr. Kang Zhi-Sun, stated that his team has extremely high standards and that they use every treatment at their disposal, especially when facing acute myocardial infarction. He further added that all staff members and his team work hard together to enhance the quality of cardiovascular medicine. Finally, he reminded everyone that the cardiovascular medical team is on standby 24 hours a day, so patients arriving at the emergency room can receive diagnosis quickly, providing the patient with the best chance of being rescued from myocardial necrosis.

JCDSC – AMI is a disease-specific international certification for the diagnosis and treatment of acute myocardial infarction that requires world-class medical institutions to demonstrate superior service quality, and to provide disease-specific care commitment.

Min-Sheng and Long-Zhou Orthopedic Chain to Join Forces

Through the calls of Professor Po-Quang Chen, the Missioncare Health Care System and Long-Zhou Orthopedic Chain have joined forces. Professor Chen invited Long- Zhou's orthopedic team to work in the Chung-Li Hua Yang Hospital, achieving a breakthrough in local orthopedic integration.

The Min-Sheng Asia Pacific Spine Center has been in existence for a little more than a year. Under the leadership of VP Po-Quang Chen, an outstanding professional medical team that includes doctors, nurses and rehabilitation staff members has been assembled. Furthermore, his center has spared no expense in the acquisition of state of the art medical equipment. Through the integration of the Asia Pacific Spine Center and Long-Zhou Orthopedic, residents of South Taoyuan County will now enjoy excellent and specialized care.

Dr. Chang-Hua Chen, superintendent of Taoyuan County's well known orthopedic chain Long Zhou, is presently executive director of the Taoyuan County Physician's Association. According to Dr. Chen, many professional orthopedic doctors have established orthopedic chains all over Taoyuan City and County and because they are strong doctors, they've established a good reputation in Taoyuan. Professor Po-Quang Chen believes that the alliance between Min-sheng and Long-Zhou Orthopedic, along with Min-Sheng's strong ties to National Taiwan University Hospital, will result in the creation of Taiwan's largest orthopedic medical team.