Monday, February 16, 2009

Min-Sheng and Long-Zhou Orthopedic Chain to Join Forces

Through the calls of Professor Po-Quang Chen, the Missioncare Health Care System and Long-Zhou Orthopedic Chain have joined forces. Professor Chen invited Long- Zhou's orthopedic team to work in the Chung-Li Hua Yang Hospital, achieving a breakthrough in local orthopedic integration.

The Min-Sheng Asia Pacific Spine Center has been in existence for a little more than a year. Under the leadership of VP Po-Quang Chen, an outstanding professional medical team that includes doctors, nurses and rehabilitation staff members has been assembled. Furthermore, his center has spared no expense in the acquisition of state of the art medical equipment. Through the integration of the Asia Pacific Spine Center and Long-Zhou Orthopedic, residents of South Taoyuan County will now enjoy excellent and specialized care.

Dr. Chang-Hua Chen, superintendent of Taoyuan County's well known orthopedic chain Long Zhou, is presently executive director of the Taoyuan County Physician's Association. According to Dr. Chen, many professional orthopedic doctors have established orthopedic chains all over Taoyuan City and County and because they are strong doctors, they've established a good reputation in Taoyuan. Professor Po-Quang Chen believes that the alliance between Min-sheng and Long-Zhou Orthopedic, along with Min-Sheng's strong ties to National Taiwan University Hospital, will result in the creation of Taiwan's largest orthopedic medical team.

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