Monday, February 16, 2009

Min-Sheng CEO Yang Speaks at D.C. Consumer Health Conference

Missioncare Health Care System CEO Fred Yang was recently invited to speak at the Consumer Health World Forum in Washington, D।C. His speech was entitled "The internationalization of Innovation Driven Health Care".

Forum attendees included major U.S. insurance companies, large employers and international medical industry professionals. The importance of the seminar was highlighted by the fact that two U.S. senators and the president of the American Medical Association also spoke at the event.
CEO Yang stated that the purpose of the trip wasn't so much to introduce Min-Sheng's health care system to the U।S., but to better introduce Taiwan's medical industry. He pointed out that Taiwan's electronics and information technology products are world famous, of course owing to the fact there are talented professionals working in both of those industries, but, he added, the most talented people in Taiwan attend medical school. He concluded that in Taiwan, the most talented work in patient services!

CEO Yang shared with the audience the many advantages that led to the creation of the Taiwanese international service miracle: geographical advantage, language advantages, a sophisticated IT environment, and human resources advantages। Finally, he stressed the importance of quality talent in Taiwan.

Following the seminar, CEO Yang was invited to deliver another speech to the National Taiwan University alumni in North America. CEO Yang pointed out that Min-Sheng's internationalization efforts have gradually come to fruition. Additionally, he added that Taiwan's medical industry can be competitive in the international arena and that Min-Sheng will continue to play the role of international medical pioneer in the future.

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