Monday, September 29, 2008

Terry White, President of Bridgehealth International, visits Min-Sheng Hospital.

September 23rd, Mr। Terry White the President of Bridgehealth International visited Min-Sheng Hospital.

Bridgehealth International is a major facilitator of medical travel in the USA, which signed a cooperation agreement with Missioncare in May of 2008।

During his visit Mr। White met with members of the board to whom he laid out his vision for the development of international medical care, and was later given an extensive tour of our hospital.

Mr. White who has visited numerous hospitals around the world, and was himself superintendent of a hospital group in the USA, was impressed by our facilities and the professionalism of our staff. He expressed his enthusiasm at the opportunities the cooperation between Missioncare and Bridgehealth will create in the future.

Alliance Signing Ceremony between Fu-Jen Catholic University and Min-Sheng Healthcare System

For the promotion of medical practice, academic cooperation, and the research and integration of health care, the Fu-Jen Catholic University School of Medicine and the Min-Sheng Health Care System will hold a contract signing ceremony on September 25, 2008 in Fu-Jen University's third floor conference room. The two parties hope to achieve mutual support and establish a sound organization of school-hospital cooperation.

Fu-Jen Catholic University's School of Medicine is the only school of medicine in Taiwan which has comprehensively reformed its teaching method and utilized "problem oriented" case study teaching in small classes referred to as Problem Based Learning or PBL. The two sides hope the students will come to understand the future of clinical technology while enjoying a richer and more diversified learning environment through clinical teaching, practice and research. Most of all, both sides expect Fu-Jen Catholic University Medical School graduates to become the future leaders and pioneers of Taiwan's medical community.

Yi-De Long-Term Care Center Residents Show No Fear of Wind and Rain

An uninvited guest, Typhoon Sinlaku, was unable to dampen the mood at Yi-De Long-Term Care Center's Mid-Autumn Festival party। The September 13th party for the elderly went on as scheduled; however, three of the originally planned events were cancelled due to the rain। Nevertheless, the indoor percussion show still went on।

The central hall was lit up by the bright colors of a two-storey high balloon, which filled the hall with joy and laughter and took everyone's focus away from the wind and rain outside. The Yi-De Long-Term Care Center holds a variety of events every year. All activities are done with the center's senior residents in mind, and this year the center's staff worked extra hard to ensure that the event was memorable and successful despite the poor weather conditions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wisdom Taiwan Starts U-City Min-Sheng U-Application Exhibition

The Taoyuan County Government hosted the "2008 Taiwan Digital City International Symposium" last month at the Taoyuan City Women's Center. Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew visited the scene with members of the Executive Yuan and other high ranking officials and academics.

Min-Sheng Hospital's U-Care Plan and Health Care Vision

The Heart and Soul of the Construction of Wisdom Taiwan's Healthy Life Environment

Min-Sheng CEO Dr. Fred Yang stated: "Min-Sheng's vision, in addition to serving the greater Taoyuan area, is to be a world-class high quality hospital in the global market, and to create Asia's leading health care brand. Through alliances with different industries, and Wisdom Taiwan's government policy development, we would like to create an excellent reputation for Taiwan in the international medical community, and to promote international health care and the advancement of the U-Care Aviation City plan. And finally, we would like to encourage staff members of MissionCare, Inc. and the residents of Taoyuan city to work together for the internationalization of health care and medicine. "In the future, Taoyuan Aviation Science and Technology City's application of a health care plan through Min-Sheng Health Care System's U-Care Case Office Director Dr. Xu and Information Office Director Dr. Wang's strategy will exhibit Min-Sheng Hospital's promotion of U-Care's new phase and results, including home health care management and the development of wireless health care management. The two main exhibits are 1. The Seniors Flagship U-Care Plan. 2. The U-Environment Medical Services Application."
Min-Sheng Home Health Care Device Healthy Living Assistance

U-Care Office Director Dr. Xu stated that in order to display product research and development, the "Home Heath Care Device" utilizes a MiTAC computer, Yi-Long Electronics, Gateway Technologies, Health and Life Co., Ltd, and the Yuan Ze University Research and Development Center team. Min-Sheng Health Care System's emphasis on medical resources and team-based health care; through the integration of information technology and physical measurement technology; the establishment of science and technology; and electronics, will create an "exclusive customized family physician." A sort of medical information system service platform providing de-institutionalized health care services so that seniors living at home can still receive high quality care and services.
The home health care devices are multi-lingual and voice guided so seniors can more easily measure their own physiological conditions. Furthermore, data transmitted wirelessly via the home gateway will allow doctors to carry out real-time monitoring and if need be, immediately notify patients of abnormal physiological measurements.

Min-Sheng Actively Promotes E-Medical Environment through Self Service Kiosks

Min-Sheng provides patient-centric e-quality medical services and as an industry leader, it was the first hospital in Taiwan to introduce self-service Kiosks. Through Mission Hi- Kiosk, Min-Sheng continues to promote medical web service quality, and advance convenience and transparency, thus providing patients with a new medical services model.

Medical Team at Min-Sheng Able to Cure Patient When No One Else Could

A 38 year old female suffering from abdominal pain, abdominal distention, and constipation, had sought treatment for ten years in numerous hospitals and clinics. After repeated examinations and ineffective treatments, most doctors concluded that the patient suffered from a nervous disorder, or hypochondria. The patient was eventually prescribed morphine to deal with the pain. Over time, the patient needed to use higher and higher dosages until she was addicted. Even though the patient tried to resolve the problem, she received a total of five laparotomies in ten years, which only caused her morphine intake to increase without improving her symptoms. During that decade, she needed to use large doses of laxatives and she constantly received enemas. Nevertheless, she was only able to defecate every four to five days. Even when the patient complained of chronic constipation most doctors merely considered it a side effect of morphine addiction and she was not given a more detailed examination until she came to our hospital. Fortunately, in our hospital we ran several tests that other hospitals didn't and we soon discovered that the patient needed colon surgery. After the operation, the patient resumed normal eating, and regained smooth bowel function. Furthermore, abdominal pain and distention ceased, and the patient was able to kick her morphine habit. According to her testimony, she felt as if she had been "reborn!"

Min-Sheng General Hospital has a very strong surgical team with most doctors having been educated at the National Taiwan University Hospital. The team has a wealth of experience and technology at its disposal. Moreover, it has accumulated multiple success stories through the professional division of labor and interdisciplinary treatment. Led by VP Dr. Wei-Jie Lee, the team believes it can protect the health of the citizens of Taoyuan.

Min-Sheng General Hospital Welcomes William Hoyios to the International Healthcare Team

Min-Sheng's International Healthcare Department was established with the goals of gaining a foothold in the global health care market and expanding international health care। The center, newly moved to the hospital's B1 floor, has nine multi-lingual staff members। In addition to setting up service lines for international patients, a 24-hour service window has also been established in order to provide multi-language help to foreign patients coming from abroad, as well as those living in Taiwan। The international healthcare team recently met with various domestic partners and U.S. health insurance companies to establish relationships and facilitate cooperation. In addition, the center has also recently received attention from a number of internationally renowned media outlets successfully shaping Min-Sheng's brand image, such as US News and World Report, International Medical Travel Journal, Medical Tourism Association Magazine, Las Vegas Sun, and Chinese World Journal.

Min-Sheng International Healthcare Department has recently announced the addition of a new staff member: William Hoyios. Mr. Hoyios is fluent in five languages, including English, French, Dutch, German, and Chinese. He has lived in Taiwan for ten years and has served as a foreign language center manager with expertise in marketing, public relations, translation, and other areas. Making the transition into the medical services industry, Mr. Hoyios will add vitality and professionalism to the International Medical Center.
Mr. Hoyios stated that because he could see the international medical market in Taiwan would grow and develop in the future, he decided to join a hospital that had international accreditation (JCI). He currently serves as an international business development specialist. His projects include increasing public awareness of Min-Sheng amongst Taiwan's foreign population, expanding opportunities with U.S. insurance companies, developing the tourist groups coming to Taiwan, establish foreign group web consultation, assisting in the development of the overseas Chinese market and so on. In addition to assisting people through his language skills, Mr. Hoyios is looking forward to making the world aware of Min-Sheng's high quality medical services and placing Min-Sheng's high standards of medical care onto the international stage.
In recent years, people from the United States and around the world have chosen to go overseas for medical treatment, mostly to Asian countries, such as Taiwan, India, Thailand, and Singapore, not only to avoid long waits, but also to enjoy affordable medical services. Especially because Taiwan's medical technology and equipment have reached international standards, and because Taiwan is competitively priced, there will be lots of room for growth and development. Mr. Hoyios said that Taiwan's low cost medical services have already reached international standards and that he would like to increase Min-Sheng's brand image through word of mouth in order to attract more patients from around the world.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brothers Elephant Baseball Team Helps Min-Sheng's Long Tan Campus Celebrate Two Decades of Service.

Over the past 20 years, Min-Sheng's Long Tan branch has grown up healthy and strong. In celebration of its 20 year anniversary, several events took place over a seven day period, including an autograph session with members of the famous Brothers Elephant baseball team.
On the morning of August 7th, Chairman of Min-Sheng Health Care System Dr. Min-Sheng Yang led the anniversary celebrations, which were attended by many outstanding staff members and esteemed guests, such as Mayor Tsai of Long Tan. In the afternoon an autograph session with several members of the Brothers Elephant baseball team took place. Local residents were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the star players face to face.

Since last year, the second floor of the Long Tan Hospital has been the site of the Child Development Center, and to go along with the celebrations, the center promoted early intervention activities that left those in attendance with a lasting impression.

Having always believed that its obligations to the community weren't limited to the practice of medicine, Min-Sheng purified the water in a local water well, and assisted in cleaning the surrounding environment. Concluding the activities, doctors from Min-Sheng led a series of health education seminars regarding topics such as life with hypertension, the diabetes diet, and so on.

"Min-Sheng Medical Rescue Team Successfully Discharges Two Preterm Infants"

Min-Sheng announced the rescue of two preterm infants, one aged 26 weeks and weighing 995 grams, and the other aged 27 weeks and weighing 990 grams. The rescue once again established the excellent ability and high quality service provided by the Min-Sheng Neonatal Emergency Care Team.

The two preterm babies, Hao-Hao and Li-Jie, recovered quickly and were thrown a going away party by Min-Sheng's staff before being discharged from the hospital. Hao-Hao was born with a number of serious conditions, including respiratory distress syndrome, anemia, (which required a blood transfusion) apnea and sepsis. Astonishingly, after three months of diligent efforts by doctors and nurses, Hao-Hao weighed 2500 grams and bore no resemblance at all to a preterm infant. Li-Jie on the other hand, who is currently experiencing no complications, had suffered from apnea, hepatitis and other conditions, and had actually dropped down to 700 grams before eventually reaching his discharge weight of 2300 grams.

Hao-Hao and Li-Jie had the smallest birth weights on record in the Taoyuan area, which once again attests to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit's commitment to quality care. According to Min-Sheng Hospital's Neonatal Director Dr. Yee-Li Hung, Taiwan's birth rate has decreased over the years, yet the incidence of preterm infants is still very high. With the two births coming in May, Min-Sheng assigned an inter-division rescue team to the two cases. The medical team arduously worked for three months in order to stabilize the infants' health. Dr. Hung further noted that due to the various complications that arise in preterm infants' lungs, brains, hearts, etc., the medical team required a division of labor that not only called for a doctor of neonatal obstetrics and gynecology, but also specialists in pediatric surgery, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, and rehabilitation.

Founding chairman of the Preterm Infant Association and Min-Sheng's Deputy Superintendent and Chief Advisor of the Division of Women and Children, Dr. Yi-Hong Chow, said that Min-Sheng, by bringing together the integrity of maternal and child health care professionals, provides the Taoyuan area with sufficient ability to care for preterm infants in the most efficient manner. Additionally, Min-Sheng Hospital has benefited the Taoyuan area by providing immediate and comprehensive external referral services for high risk newborns

Monday, September 1, 2008

Congratulations! Min-Sheng Receives "Award of Excellence" from Taiwan Hospital Accreditation

Min-Sheng's outstanding healthcare quality was recognized and awarded for excellence by the 2008 Taiwan Hospital Accreditation, announced by the Department of Health।
Among 22 hospitals surveyed this year, Min-Sheng was one of two regional hospitals and 10 medical centers awarded for excellence, demonstrating our superior performance in patient safety and health quality practices।

The survey was conducted from 6/18- 6/20. It included site visits, document reviews and interviews. This highly difficult task was achieved through hospital wide cooperation, led by VP Dr. Wei-Jei Lee and CEO Dr. Fred Yang. Everyone was thrilled by this great news.

To maintain the highest healthcare quality, Min-Sheng accomplished milestones of ISO standardization in Laboratory, Taiwan Hospital Accreditation and JCI hospital accreditation accordingly. In the future, Min-Sheng will continuously pursue goals of "patient-centered" service orientation and a "three-year quality cycle" in order to provide high quality and humane medical services, meet patients' needs, and create innovative values for Taiwan's healthcare industry.

Congratulations! Dr. Hsing-Han Chen Elected as the New Chairman of Taiwan Society of Occupational Medicine

Taiwan Society of Occupational Medicine elected its new chairman, the Director of Min-Sheng General Hospital's International Heath Care Department, Dr। Chen Hsing Han, during its 11th board meeting at Tri-Service General Hospital on 7/27/2008.

Dr. Chen swore to be the new chairman at the handover ceremony testified by two former Chairmen. Dr. Chen has been with Min-Sheng since August 2002. During his tenure, he has held a number of high level positions including Deputy Superintendent and Director of Hyperbaric Medicine. Furthermore, he has served many years as the Director for the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Dr. Chen stated that he was able to obtain a majority of the votes mainly due to the fact that he works in a high quality establishment, such as Min-Sheng Hospital. Another factor that contributed to Dr. Chen's being elected as the chairman was his experience as a director in the Occupational Medicine Society. The amiable Dr. Chen has been whole-heartedly devoted to the society for many years.

Besides being a personal accomplishment for Dr. Chen, the election shines favorably on Min-Sheng Hospital. As soon as the hospital learned of the good news, posters were placed about the hospital so everyone could share in the joy.

After Dr. Chen takes over as chairman, he intends to advance the organization and occupational safety by working to reduce laborers' occupational injuries, safeguarding the security of laborers' work, and promoting the role and function of occupational disease doctors. He also believes it important to establish a system of industrial management doctors and nurse technicians by fully utilizing the society. Moreover, he would like to see the creation of an organization that safeguards both laborers and employers. Dr. Chen indicated that in the future the Society of Occupational Medicine will enthusiastically conduct occupational safety training courses, thus contributing to cooperation between management and workers, and a reduction in occupational disasters. He also emphasized interaction between occupational medicine societies on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, as well as other countries.

Min-Sheng Health Care System's Occupational Services Department has achieved a great deal with regard to foreign laborers and special examinations. According to Dr. Chen, Min-Sheng Chairman Dr. Yang, after receiving the news of Dr. Chen's appointment, said that being elected chairman of a nationwide medical society despite only coming from a regional hospital is no easy task. Besides expressing his congratulations, Chairman Dr. Yang also expressed his desire to contribute resources from his own hospital in support of the society, as well as in support of Taiwan's occupational disease prevention, and the advancement of cooperation between laborers and employers.