Monday, December 22, 2008

Taiwan's First Children's Health Assessment Organization Launched

Taiwanese culture places great emphasis on education। As in most Asian countries in general, Taiwanese attach great importance to the future success of their children and have very high expectations of them। However, there is a general lack of information with regard to raising healthy children. In fact, parents often times don't get concerned about the health of their children until there is an emergency. There is a clear correlation between regular health maintenance and the effectiveness of one's study habits. Unfortunately, most parents are unaware of this phenomenon. As a result, children are constantly at the doctor's office because of fevers and colds. This kind of lifestyle leads to chronic diseases that could have been avoided with preventative management. Most parents raise their children in a manner that allows them to attain many different talents, yet parents forget that child development levels, the ability of children to concentrate, and mental illnesses are the most important factors affecting study results. In short, parents must begin maintaining the health of their children at an early age. Only then will children be able to have healthy and high quality lives.

In November 2008, the nation's first children's health management organization- Child Health Assessment Center ( was established. Taiwan's senior pediatricians and the leader of Min-Sheng's Women and Children's Center, Dr. Zhou Hong-Yi, gathered together along with pediatricians, dentists, dieticians, psychologists and nurses from Tai-Da, Chang-Gung, Wan-Fang, Min-Sheng, and Tai-An hospitals. The purpose of the organization is to design a health assessment check-up. The group of experts will try and understand all of the factors that affect children's health, development, nutrition, sleep, etc. Individual children and families will be given training about restoring children's health.

The center officially opened in November. CHAT prides itself on being able to provide professional care for every growing child and helping with any problem, big or small.

Min-Sheng Vice President Liu Awarded By Taiwan Medical Association

On November 18, 2008, Superintendant Liu Qi-Tian of Yi-Ren Hospital located in Yang-Mei received the Role Model Award from Taiwan's National Medical Association। Superintendent Liu's career has spanned over 40 years of dedicated service. Some of his accomplishments include helping to contain the SARS outbreak and a lifetime of service to the disadvantaged. Regarding the award, Dr. Liu modestly said that he wasn't worthy of it.

The 66 year old Dr। Liu is a graduate of National Taiwan University School of Medicine and is currently a vice president of the Min-Sheng Health Care System. Additionally, he is the superintendent of Yi-Ren Hospital and he specializes in general surgery.

Dr। Liu was recommended for the award by the Taoyuan County Medical Association, in particular for his efforts during the SARS epidemic. Under his direction, two suspected SARS cases were detected in the Yang-Mei camp, with the last confirmed case having been identified as reducing the way people are infected. In addition, Dr. Liu has served as the chairman of a number of public institutions.

Dr। Liu gave full credit for the award to the efforts of his medical team. Dr. Liu is most proud of the fact that he has performed 5000 cases of hernia surgery in remote areas on patients aged 5 to 90 years old.

Recently, Dr. Liu is committed to reducing instances of child mortality for children under the age of five. Dr. Liu stressed that every day around the world 30,000 children die from an accident or an illness.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Min-Sheng Publishes Its First Textbook of Management Accounting and Shares Its Best Practice Experience

Min-Sheng C.E.O. Dr. Fred Yang recently had his book published-"Management Accounting Practice- How to Create a Well Run Hospital" It provides policy makers and industry managers with the essence of accounting practices and to guides them to create operating achievements. Dr. Yang has many years experience leading the accounting department. Additionally, he has spent many years in the hospital gaining practical knowledge and experience. His book provides an easy to use step by step knowledge of hospital management accounting systems. The book is divided into a total of twelve chapters. Some of the topics include hospital costs, break even analysis, management accounting and decision analysis, investment decision making capacity, performance assessment and management, etc. The book is well structured and thorough, yet it also explains things in layman's terms so that anyone could use it. For better results, National Taiwan University's accounting department director and graduate school director, Professor Li Xuxing, wrote the preface for the book. They would also like to dedicate this book to Mr. Zhang Xinghan, a former vice president, for his contributions to the accounting system.

Min-Sheng Bowl Teenager Baseball Competition Coming This Month

We need more of Chien-Ming Wang!To support and develop county baseball activities and to foster local talent, Min-Sheng's chairman, Dr। Min-Sheng Yang, officially announced the sponsorship of Taoyuan County's little league baseball tournament, the Min-Sheng Cup, for the next five years।The Min-Sheng Health Care System is the most complete health care network in the Taoyuan area। Chairman Yang hopes that by investing in the local little league, Taoyuan county little leaguers will have a comprehensive training environment. Furthermore, by working with the government and the school system, a new milestone will be created. In addition, Min-Sheng will provide Taoyuan county's baseball team with professional medical services and top rate medical equipment.Chairman Yang said that he would like to promote athletics for all people and that he thinks baseball can give the youth a reason to exercise more. County Magistrate Li-Lun Chu said that Min-Sheng has been actively involved in public welfare and has spared no effort in hopes that its continued investment will reap the rewards of better health for the community at large. She also believes that the investment will allow county baseball interests to reach an even higher level. Finally, through holding large scale domestic and foreign baseball tournaments, the county's international image will be strengthened. The Min-Sheng Cup youth baseball games will be held from Nov. 7th through Nov. 9th at the Taoyuan oil refinery baseball field. To encourage employees to attend the event, Min-Sheng will hold a family baseball game on Nov. 9th to conclude the tournament.