Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Min-Sheng Bowl Teenager Baseball Competition Coming This Month

We need more of Chien-Ming Wang!To support and develop county baseball activities and to foster local talent, Min-Sheng's chairman, Dr। Min-Sheng Yang, officially announced the sponsorship of Taoyuan County's little league baseball tournament, the Min-Sheng Cup, for the next five years।The Min-Sheng Health Care System is the most complete health care network in the Taoyuan area। Chairman Yang hopes that by investing in the local little league, Taoyuan county little leaguers will have a comprehensive training environment. Furthermore, by working with the government and the school system, a new milestone will be created. In addition, Min-Sheng will provide Taoyuan county's baseball team with professional medical services and top rate medical equipment.Chairman Yang said that he would like to promote athletics for all people and that he thinks baseball can give the youth a reason to exercise more. County Magistrate Li-Lun Chu said that Min-Sheng has been actively involved in public welfare and has spared no effort in hopes that its continued investment will reap the rewards of better health for the community at large. She also believes that the investment will allow county baseball interests to reach an even higher level. Finally, through holding large scale domestic and foreign baseball tournaments, the county's international image will be strengthened. The Min-Sheng Cup youth baseball games will be held from Nov. 7th through Nov. 9th at the Taoyuan oil refinery baseball field. To encourage employees to attend the event, Min-Sheng will hold a family baseball game on Nov. 9th to conclude the tournament.

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