Monday, December 22, 2008

Min-Sheng Vice President Liu Awarded By Taiwan Medical Association

On November 18, 2008, Superintendant Liu Qi-Tian of Yi-Ren Hospital located in Yang-Mei received the Role Model Award from Taiwan's National Medical Association। Superintendent Liu's career has spanned over 40 years of dedicated service. Some of his accomplishments include helping to contain the SARS outbreak and a lifetime of service to the disadvantaged. Regarding the award, Dr. Liu modestly said that he wasn't worthy of it.

The 66 year old Dr। Liu is a graduate of National Taiwan University School of Medicine and is currently a vice president of the Min-Sheng Health Care System. Additionally, he is the superintendent of Yi-Ren Hospital and he specializes in general surgery.

Dr। Liu was recommended for the award by the Taoyuan County Medical Association, in particular for his efforts during the SARS epidemic. Under his direction, two suspected SARS cases were detected in the Yang-Mei camp, with the last confirmed case having been identified as reducing the way people are infected. In addition, Dr. Liu has served as the chairman of a number of public institutions.

Dr। Liu gave full credit for the award to the efforts of his medical team. Dr. Liu is most proud of the fact that he has performed 5000 cases of hernia surgery in remote areas on patients aged 5 to 90 years old.

Recently, Dr. Liu is committed to reducing instances of child mortality for children under the age of five. Dr. Liu stressed that every day around the world 30,000 children die from an accident or an illness.

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