Sunday, June 15, 2008

CEO Dr. Fred Yang Shared Min-Sheng's Successful Experience with Hainan Bureau of Health, China

CEO Dr. Fred Yang was invited to speak on Taiwan's successful health administration experience at Hainan Bureau of Health, China. He also spoke on health care quality at Chan-Jian 2nd Citizen Hospital during his visit to China.

Dr. Fred Yang's speech was "Strategy Analysis of Hospital Expansion" and it attracted more than 300 attendees from senior executives of the top six hospitals in Hai-Kuo. In the speech, Dr. Fred Yang brilliantly analyzed the key contributors of Taiwan's success and he emphasized that "continuous quality improvement is the navigator in the journey to success."

The next day Dr. Fred Yang attended the sign unveiling ceremony of Chan-Jian 2nd Citizen Hospital and was awarded the letter of appointment as the senior consultant by the Chan-Jian County Governor. Later on Mrs. Fiona Shi, the Deputy Director of Nursing of Min-Sheng General Hospital, had a presentation of "A Micro Perspective- Min-Sheng's Nursing Management." In the speech Mrs. Fiona Shi talked about her experience of nursing management and JCI accreditation preparation at Min-Sheng. After the speech, attendees were highly interested in Taiwan's hospital administration strategies and were eager to know more about issues of physician-patient relationship, staff education, and quality management and personnel cost control.

Chan-Jian 2nd Citizen Hospital is a well-known secondary hospital with 300 beds at Hainan. According to Mrs. Fiona Shi, the senior leaders of hospital and health system in Hainan Chan-Jian would like to overcome challenges and barriers of hospital administration. Min-Sheng's successful model will guide them in making overall revolutionary changes in the future development of hospital management, and system development. By the sharing of Taiwan experience, Min-Sheng hopes to inspire China hospitals in pursuing excellence and safe healthcare. Min-Sheng will also provide on-going assistance in building up China's health administration system, and further improves the healthcare quality in Greater China areas.

According CEO Dr. Fred Yang, Min-Sheng Hospital will have a close cooperation with hospitals in Hainan, including staff exchange and management consulting. Dr. Fred Yang's visit and speech was highly recognized by the health professionals in Hainan. Min-Sheng Healthcare System will also actively participate in the establishment of hospital accreditation organization planned by Hainan Bureau of Health.

Countdown to the Birth of Asia's Leading Medical Brand Begins

Taiwan's number one health care provider is investing in a professional management and medical services organization-Sheng Hong Medical Company, and by the end of the year investors will be able to purchase the company's stock over the counter.

Sheng Hong's operational model calls for providing innovative and comprehensive medical services. Sheng-Hong's wealth of health care experience and ability should enable it to effectively integrate and vigorously develop this potential market, maximizing profit and value. In addition to providing professional health checks, medical exams, and management consulting and outsourcing services, Hong-sheng will combine with Min-Sheng to provide increased purchasing power, integrate information systems, channel operational methods, provide optimization and cost management, satisfy the pharmaceutical needs of clients, and meet the demand for medical equipment and quality management. The estimated yearly turnover is expected to surpass one billion NTD, enabling Sheng-Hong to become Taiwan's leading medical services brand.

The non-stop success of the Sheng-Hong team along with its strengths such as honest service, and excellent management quality results, has won the praise of a multitude of different companies. As a result, Taiwan's own Bai Da Industrial, several listed technology companies, and well known airlines have become Sheng-Hong's faithful customers.

Recently, due to Sheng-Hong's successfully obtaining Taiji Electric's business, Sheng-Hong has earned the trust of several other large companies such as You-da Opto-Electric. This in turn, has paved the way for Sheng-Hong to become the designated health care management organization of these companies. Sheng-Hong is also pursuing the business of Hua-shuo, Qun Chuang, and five other publicly listed companies. Sheng-Hong has successfully expanded its business territory by obtaining over 600 contracts for health checks and medical management associations.

Looking ahead, Sheng-Hong's next big milestone will be developing and marketing its own medical equipment and products. The company has already very carefully chosen high potential developing markets as well as high potential products. Ultimately, they will integrate preventative medicine with bio-technology. Furthermore, in order to create a steady revenue stream, Sheng-Hong will build its own brand and expand its business management and service territories.

Since the beginning of the year, Sheng-Hong has been preparing for its IPO. The employees enthusiastically applied to buy all of the stock that was available to them. Because its employees believe so strongly in the company's future, demand for the stock far surpassed expectations. The company is moving full speed ahead with its preparation and intends to apply for its listing by October of 2008. By the fourth quarter of 2009, the company will have its IPO becoming Min-sheng Health Care System's first publicly listed company.

Sharing United States long term care business ideas and business models

Min-Shing Long Term Care Deputy Chief Chen Peng-Xuan invited Dr. Yang Yihong, receipent of the "2007 Outstanding Asian-American entrepreneurs, winner of the U.S.", "2007 National Taipei College of Nursing Outstanding Alumni" to share her United States experience and ideas with the Min-Sheng long term care Staff. Dr. Yang has nursing back ground and a law degree.

Dr. Yang and her husband owned 3 long term care centers in the U.S. They have successfully turned around failing Long Term Care Centers in a very short time frame. She shared with the staff her experiences of hard ships and obstacles. She described her management philosophy, marketing strategy and resident focused care. Her wealth of knowledge and generous teaching provided us boarder view of the global long term health care needs. Min-Sheng Long Term Health Care Service had been reorganized recently in order to further enhanced and improved the long term care product line. The experience sharing from Dr. Yang's description of an excellent global level of long term facility has helped us to set our target. As result of Dr. Yang's visit and speech, we have been energerized and motivated to implement some of her idea in order to elevate long term care to higher level of quality.

Amazing Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery Not Only ReducesWeight But Also Helps Type II Diabetes-Min-Sheng Announces its 1000th Case

Min-Sheng's Asia-Pacific Laparoscopic Bariatric Center announced its 1000th case of gastric bypass bariatric surgery performed by Professor Dr. Lee Wei-Jei on May 6th 2008. The center is also an internationally recognized research center for bariatric surgeries,and has been publishing over 30 international papers and trained more than 40 physicians from over 15 countries.

The center invited Mrs. Shi to share her testimonial of a successful weight reduction by gastric bypass bariatric surgery. Before she received the surgery her weight was 132kg last year, and now her weight is 61.8kg, with a significant reduction of 70kg. According to Prof. Dr. Lee Wei-Jei, his 1000 patients have reduced weight on average of 22kg in 3 months after such surgery, and 39.8 kg in 1 year after the surgery. The surgery is one of the most effective weight reduction methods and it's 99.8% safe. Now there are many patients in overseas countries making appointment for such surgery.

The research team of Min-Sheng bariatric center found that such surgery has an amazing effect on treating difficult diabetes. Dr Lee said, obesity is the most important risk factor of type II diabetes.

Among Min-Sheng's 1000 cases, 201 cases were diabetes patients, but up to 87.1% of their diabetes were cured after the surgery. Mr. Tzeng is a typical case that benefited from this surgery. Previously his weight was 196kg and he was diagnosed to have type II diabetes with glycated hemoglobin level up to 7.1. In the case his diabetes condition was very difficult to be cured by traditional treatment methods. Only one month after he received this surgery he lost 20kg and his glycated hemoglobin has down to 5.6, which is within normal range. This incredible treatment outcome has been published on American Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery in October 2007, which is the first successful research project in Asia.

Currently Min-Sheng General Hospital together with National Taiwan University Hospital are assigned by the University of Minnesota to conduct an international research in surgical treatment for difficult diabetes. In its first 30 cases, the cure rate is 85% with 100% safety. Dr. Lee's such research outcome has raised great attention in the world, and he has been invited to present this research findings
in the annual congress of American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) next month. Diabetes center of National Taiwan University Hospital will accept another 30 studying cases in the 2nd stage of research. Please consult with the center if you are interested in participating this study.

A Revolutionary Advancement in Treating Cardiovascular

Department Between Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Surgery
to Achieve the Best Possible Cardiac Care Outcome

Emergency rescue in the shortest time is critical for patient with cardiovascular disease. Now Min-Sheng's Chief Medical Consultant Dr.Ko from National Taiwan University, together with many health administration experts, established the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine that first integrates cardiology and cardiac surgery specialties to provide excellent seamless care beginning on May 1st 2008.

The mission of Min-Sheng's Department of Cardiovascular Medicine is to provide patient-centered multidisciplinary care. Min-Sheng General Hospital performed Taoyuan's first open-heart surgery in 2000. The hospital also installed Taiwan's first and only Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) in 2002 for cardiovascular disease prevention. Up to now the hospital has provided cardiovascular invasive preventions to more than 13,000 patients. In addition, Min-Sheng also provided one of the few 24-hour "cardiac rescue team" and "ECMO rescue team" to ensure patients arrived in the emergency room received PTCA procedures within 90 minutes (which is the international standards). Min-Sheng's cardliovascular team also provides Taiwan's first Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and other advanced procedures like Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass and Minimally Invasive Endovenous Laser Therapy. These significant milestones showed Min-Sheng's advancement and efforts in continuous quality improvement.

Hemo-dialysis is often the only choice for most patients suffering from end-stage renal diseases. For such patients, their nephrostomy tubes are often applied through the technique of PTCA catheterizations to open their veins. Min-Sheng now cooperates with Enfield Medical Company, Taiwan's biggest dialysis supplier, featuring "Total Care in One Visit" that provides comprehensive venous access for dialysis patients.

Dr. Fred Yang said: "The ability to provide critical cardiac care is fundamental to a larger hospital like Min-Sheng." JCI hospital accreditation has driven Min-Sheng to operate at a world-class quality level, now we intent to pursue JCI Disease-Specific Certificate that will make us Taiwan's first and only certified cardiovascular center.

Min-Sheng's Volunteer Team Provided Free Haircut to Moms

Founder Dr. Min-Sheng Yang established Min-Sheng's volunteer team in 1984. After years of cultivation now the team has more than 170 volunteers to provide support to patients such as book cart, companionship, prayer and spiritual support. The volunteers also enthusiastically participate in many charity activities and have been widely recognized for their contribution to the community. On Mother's Day the volunteer team invited 10 professional haircut designers to provide free haircuts,manicure and facial treatments for moms at Yee-Der Long-Term Care Center. After this activities moms were happy and satisfied with their new looks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Group from Min-Sheng Hospital Attends Two Marketing Events in U.S.

Since the establishment of the International Health Care Department at Min-Sheng Hospital earlier this year, the hospital continues to strive to position itself globally. On May 3, 2008 a group from the hospital, led by Chief Quality Officer Connie Ma, arrived in the U.S. with the intention of attending two separate marketing events. First, they attended the 2008 Health Care Globalization Summit in Las Vegas. Next, they traveled to Los Angeles for the Taiwan Culture Fest. During both events, many attendees visited Min-Sheng’s booth. More impressive, though, was the fact that Ming-Sheng garnered the attention of the international media, and was interviewed by both English and Chinese newspapers, radio stations, and T.V. news channels. Moreover, many Taiwanese living in the Los Angeles area were so impressed by Min-Sheng’s presence at the Taiwan Culture Fest that they expressed their intentions to return to Taiwan to receive VIP health checks, and other forms of care.

The Health Care Globalization Summit is a bi-annual event that brings together health care experts, multinational insurance companies, medical travel brokers, banks, technology companies, and international hospitals for the purpose of discussing the latest trends in medical tourism, and allowing the participants to engage in mutually beneficial business activities. E-Da Hospital of Kaohsiung attended the event along with Min-Sheng. The event served two purposes: First, it enabled both hospitals to promote their services. Second, it provided the opportunity to place Taiwan health care squarely on the world stage.

During the event, Min-Sheng proudly showcased its JCI accreditation, its top surgeons’ credentials, and its services. The GM of a large American technology company stopped by Min-Sheng’s booth for a friendly chat. He had traveled to Taiwan several times on business in the past, yet he had no idea that Taiwan offered such high quality health care at such an affordable price. Afterward, the gentleman said that he would recommend that the employees at his company’s Taiwan branch office all go to Min-Sheng for a VIP health check.

Also in attendance was Patients Beyond Borders author Dr. Joseph Woodman. Dr. Woodman visited Min-Sheng last year and was so impressed by his visit that he remains committed to future collaboration with the hospital. Dr. Woodman’s praise along with the positive media coverage attained by attending the event will bolster Min-sheng’s chances of signing contracts with many large American insurance companies in the future.

While in Las Vegas, Min-sheng was interviewed by the largest newspaper in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Sun (( and the largest overseas Chinese Newspaper in the U.S., the World Journal (

Immediately following the event in Las Vegas, the group from Min-Sheng drove to Los Angeles to for the Taiwan Culture Fest. One of Min-Sheng’s target markets is overseas Chinese. Due to the large overseas Chinese population in the L.A. area, this event represented a very significant marketing opportunity for the hospital. Many local Taiwanese attending the event were excited to learn that they could expect to receive the same level of care and service that they were accustomed to receiving in the U.S. at a fraction of the U.S. cost. They were also intrigued to learn that Min-Sheng had designed a health check package specifically with overseas Chinese in mind. The package includes a health checkup, hotel reservations, tour arrangements, and other amenities.

In L.A., Min-Sheng was interviewed by a local Chinese news channel (Channel 18) as well as Taiwan’s Dong Sen news channel.

One local Taiwanese resident, who had received a health check at Min-Sheng in the past, was very surprised when he came across the hospital’s booth at the fair. He said, “Seeing Min-Sheng here at the fair in L.A. is like running into an old friend unexpectedly while traveling abroad… It’s a really friendly feeling.” He went on to add that he would refer his friends to receive health checks at Min-Sheng in the future.

The leader of Min-Sheng’s group, Chief Quality Officer Connie Ma believed that the trip was a success on multiple levels: First, it allowed Min-Sheng to display its strengths. Second, the hospital gained widespread media exposure while at the same time getting the attention of many insurance companies.

The journey across the Pacific is a major milestone for Taiwan and Min-Sheng Hospital. The health care group made large strides toward its goals of establishing a foothold in the international health care market, and creating value for the health care market as a whole. While the trip may have been a small step for Min-Sheng, it was a major step for Taiwan health care as we are now competes along side with Singapore, Thailand, etc.

Min-Sheng to Begin Medical Exchange with Japan’s Aoikai Medical Corporation

Min-sheng’s Professor/Physician Po Kuang Chen, also Chairman of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. He earned his Ph.D. from the Tokyo University School of Medicine. Through his connection in Japan, Professor Chen, MissionCare, Inc. and Aoikai Medical Corporation of Japan agreed to sign a letter of intent which stipulates the exchange of medical personnel for training purposes, and the sharing of medical resources.

During Aoikai’s visit, Professor Chen expressed his belief that Min-Sheng’s health care system is one of the few world class health care systems in Taiwan. Since the formal establishment of the International Health Care Center in February, 2008, Min-Sheng has become a new player on the global health care scene. In this short period of time, Dr. Chen shared his expertise with several health care organizations, and provided international training to physicians.

Aoikai Medical Corporation is famous for rehabilitation medicine and nursing care. In addition to visiting each of Min-sheng’s centers of excellence, the group from Japan also visited Min-sheng’s Rehabilitation Department, and the Yee-Der Nursing Center.

During the visit, the two parties signed a letter of intent which includes a plan to exchange medical personnel, an annual meeting, and the sharing of medical quality knowledge. After attaining JCI accreditation, Min-sheng established an alliance with Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. As part of the alliance the hospitals agreed to exchange medical personnel for a period of 15 months. Min-Sheng expects that the alliance with the Japanese medical organization will greatly improve medical and service quality, and gradually achieving fruition Min-Sheng’s goal of becoming a major player in the international medical community.