Sunday, June 15, 2008

CEO Dr. Fred Yang Shared Min-Sheng's Successful Experience with Hainan Bureau of Health, China

CEO Dr. Fred Yang was invited to speak on Taiwan's successful health administration experience at Hainan Bureau of Health, China. He also spoke on health care quality at Chan-Jian 2nd Citizen Hospital during his visit to China.

Dr. Fred Yang's speech was "Strategy Analysis of Hospital Expansion" and it attracted more than 300 attendees from senior executives of the top six hospitals in Hai-Kuo. In the speech, Dr. Fred Yang brilliantly analyzed the key contributors of Taiwan's success and he emphasized that "continuous quality improvement is the navigator in the journey to success."

The next day Dr. Fred Yang attended the sign unveiling ceremony of Chan-Jian 2nd Citizen Hospital and was awarded the letter of appointment as the senior consultant by the Chan-Jian County Governor. Later on Mrs. Fiona Shi, the Deputy Director of Nursing of Min-Sheng General Hospital, had a presentation of "A Micro Perspective- Min-Sheng's Nursing Management." In the speech Mrs. Fiona Shi talked about her experience of nursing management and JCI accreditation preparation at Min-Sheng. After the speech, attendees were highly interested in Taiwan's hospital administration strategies and were eager to know more about issues of physician-patient relationship, staff education, and quality management and personnel cost control.

Chan-Jian 2nd Citizen Hospital is a well-known secondary hospital with 300 beds at Hainan. According to Mrs. Fiona Shi, the senior leaders of hospital and health system in Hainan Chan-Jian would like to overcome challenges and barriers of hospital administration. Min-Sheng's successful model will guide them in making overall revolutionary changes in the future development of hospital management, and system development. By the sharing of Taiwan experience, Min-Sheng hopes to inspire China hospitals in pursuing excellence and safe healthcare. Min-Sheng will also provide on-going assistance in building up China's health administration system, and further improves the healthcare quality in Greater China areas.

According CEO Dr. Fred Yang, Min-Sheng Hospital will have a close cooperation with hospitals in Hainan, including staff exchange and management consulting. Dr. Fred Yang's visit and speech was highly recognized by the health professionals in Hainan. Min-Sheng Healthcare System will also actively participate in the establishment of hospital accreditation organization planned by Hainan Bureau of Health.

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