Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Min-Sheng to Begin Medical Exchange with Japan’s Aoikai Medical Corporation

Min-sheng’s Professor/Physician Po Kuang Chen, also Chairman of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. He earned his Ph.D. from the Tokyo University School of Medicine. Through his connection in Japan, Professor Chen, MissionCare, Inc. and Aoikai Medical Corporation of Japan agreed to sign a letter of intent which stipulates the exchange of medical personnel for training purposes, and the sharing of medical resources.

During Aoikai’s visit, Professor Chen expressed his belief that Min-Sheng’s health care system is one of the few world class health care systems in Taiwan. Since the formal establishment of the International Health Care Center in February, 2008, Min-Sheng has become a new player on the global health care scene. In this short period of time, Dr. Chen shared his expertise with several health care organizations, and provided international training to physicians.

Aoikai Medical Corporation is famous for rehabilitation medicine and nursing care. In addition to visiting each of Min-sheng’s centers of excellence, the group from Japan also visited Min-sheng’s Rehabilitation Department, and the Yee-Der Nursing Center.

During the visit, the two parties signed a letter of intent which includes a plan to exchange medical personnel, an annual meeting, and the sharing of medical quality knowledge. After attaining JCI accreditation, Min-sheng established an alliance with Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. As part of the alliance the hospitals agreed to exchange medical personnel for a period of 15 months. Min-Sheng expects that the alliance with the Japanese medical organization will greatly improve medical and service quality, and gradually achieving fruition Min-Sheng’s goal of becoming a major player in the international medical community.

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