Sunday, June 15, 2008

Countdown to the Birth of Asia's Leading Medical Brand Begins

Taiwan's number one health care provider is investing in a professional management and medical services organization-Sheng Hong Medical Company, and by the end of the year investors will be able to purchase the company's stock over the counter.

Sheng Hong's operational model calls for providing innovative and comprehensive medical services. Sheng-Hong's wealth of health care experience and ability should enable it to effectively integrate and vigorously develop this potential market, maximizing profit and value. In addition to providing professional health checks, medical exams, and management consulting and outsourcing services, Hong-sheng will combine with Min-Sheng to provide increased purchasing power, integrate information systems, channel operational methods, provide optimization and cost management, satisfy the pharmaceutical needs of clients, and meet the demand for medical equipment and quality management. The estimated yearly turnover is expected to surpass one billion NTD, enabling Sheng-Hong to become Taiwan's leading medical services brand.

The non-stop success of the Sheng-Hong team along with its strengths such as honest service, and excellent management quality results, has won the praise of a multitude of different companies. As a result, Taiwan's own Bai Da Industrial, several listed technology companies, and well known airlines have become Sheng-Hong's faithful customers.

Recently, due to Sheng-Hong's successfully obtaining Taiji Electric's business, Sheng-Hong has earned the trust of several other large companies such as You-da Opto-Electric. This in turn, has paved the way for Sheng-Hong to become the designated health care management organization of these companies. Sheng-Hong is also pursuing the business of Hua-shuo, Qun Chuang, and five other publicly listed companies. Sheng-Hong has successfully expanded its business territory by obtaining over 600 contracts for health checks and medical management associations.

Looking ahead, Sheng-Hong's next big milestone will be developing and marketing its own medical equipment and products. The company has already very carefully chosen high potential developing markets as well as high potential products. Ultimately, they will integrate preventative medicine with bio-technology. Furthermore, in order to create a steady revenue stream, Sheng-Hong will build its own brand and expand its business management and service territories.

Since the beginning of the year, Sheng-Hong has been preparing for its IPO. The employees enthusiastically applied to buy all of the stock that was available to them. Because its employees believe so strongly in the company's future, demand for the stock far surpassed expectations. The company is moving full speed ahead with its preparation and intends to apply for its listing by October of 2008. By the fourth quarter of 2009, the company will have its IPO becoming Min-sheng Health Care System's first publicly listed company.

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