Monday, August 3, 2009

Chung-Li Min-Sheng Hospital to Open! Residents of South Taoyuan to Benefit!

The Min-Sheng Health Care System is set to open a new hospital in the Chung-Li Ping Zhen area. This is another important milestone, following the building the Jin-Kuo campus, in the 34 years of the system’s existence.

Ping Zhen area is densely populated and the demand for health care is high. The Min-Sheng System took over Chung-Li Hua Yang Hospital last year. Due to technicalities, the lease wasn’t eligible to be resigned, so CEO Yang decided to relocate the hospital instead. The new hospital is located on Chung Shan E. Rd and it will be completed in August.

CEO Yang indicated that relocating the hospital means a fresh start for everyone, so the hospital will be renamed Chung-Li Min-Sheng Hospital as a means of promising the residents of South Taoyuan the high quality of health care service that goes along with the Min-Sheng brand name. In the beginning, the services offered will only be local due to the limited number of beds. The focus at the Chung-Lin Min-Sheng Hospital will be cardiovascular medicine and orthopedic medicine. The hospital will continue promoting community health care in the same manner that it did while managing Hua Yang Hospital. In the future if more beds are added, the areas of service will also be expanded.

Executive Vice President Zhang stated that at the Jin-Kuo campus, due to national health care reimbursement limitations, some physicians are prevented from practicing medicine in the manner that they know best. With the addition of the Chung-Li Min-Sheng Hospital; however, these doctors will have a new place to practice medicine as they see fit.
The new hospital is scheduled for completion in August and will open in September.

Historic moment! Min-Sheng to Begin JCI Reaccreditation Process

In 2006, Min-Sheng was the first hospital in Taiwan to receive JCI accreditation, making Taiwan a player in the international healthcare market. Since then, a total of 6 Taiwanese hospitals have been accredited. Currently the National Taiwan University Hospital, Zhang-Bin Shou Chuan Hospital and Shu Li Shuang He Hospital are all preparing to obtain JCI accreditation. Min-Sheng, however, is in the process of obtaining JCI reaccreditation.

Min-Sheng executive vice president, Professor Zhang, stated that upon Min-Sheng receiving its JCI accreditation 3 years ago, JCI has become the national indicator of quality medical care in hospitals. After 3 years of hard work, Min-Sheng is expected to learn the results of its reaccreditation attempt later this week. In addition to providing quality records to the inspection team, Min-Sheng staff will also demonstrate some of its innovative projects, for example, Min-Sheng’s state of the art Kiosk system and its U-Care telemedicine devices.

Chief Quality Officer Connie Ma, a former JCI employee, indicated that JCI requires the hospitals which are getting certification for the first time to offer 4 months worth of records. The second time, however, JCI needs 3 years worth of records, which makes the task more arduous. The items on the accreditation list become more numerous each year as well. Therefore, the hospital must continually improve its quality in order to obtain accreditation the second time around.

The Min-Sheng Health Care System has conducted a 3 year quality management program. Every branch hospital has improved its quality during this period and improved its image during the process. The past few years of hard work have culminated in excellent results. Besides hiring many doctors from National Taiwan University Hospital, the Jin-Kuo campus has achieved national standards of quality.

Furthermore, Min-Sheng has become the only hospital in Taiwan to receive the JCIDSC certification and the ISO9001 sector certification. Executive Vice President Zhang stated that entire process of enhancing Min-Sheng’s medical service quality has been geared toward providing better service to patients.