Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Third Min-Sheng Cup Baseball Tournament

The "Min-Sheng Cup Baseball Tournament," funded by Min-Sheng Health Care System and co-sponsored by the Taoyuan County Government, entered its third year at eight o’clock on November 13, 2010. The grand opening took place at the Taoyuan International Stadium and was attended by leading local government personalities such as Taoyuan County Governor Mr. Wu Zhi-Yang and Taoyuan City Mayor Mr. Su Chia-Ming, who expressed their support for the event. Min-Sheng’s Chairman Dr. Yang Min-Sheng also called on hundreds of colleagues to join the festival.

To kick-off the show, the Aviation City Baseball Team led by their head coach Mr. Li Ju-ming performed a choreography to the tune of a popular song. Although many Min-Sheng staff were not able to attend this event, they still expressed their enthusiasm and cheered by participating in the "Go~Min-Sheng Cup" Video, which was produced by the staff themselves.

Asked about the reason for launching the Min-Sheng Cup Baseball Tournament three years ago, Chairman Yang replied “Because we have the vision of developing more local baseball players like Wang Jian-Ming”. In his speech, recalling the establishment of the 2000-beds Min-Sheng Healthcare System from scratch 35 years ago, he expressed his sincere appreciation to those who ever helped him. Supporting the game of baseball, which fills the dreams of many children, is another way to show his appreciation.

According to the Taoyuan the County Sports Committee Chief Officer Mr. Liao, the funding provided by Min-Sheng greatly enhanced the morale of many baseball teams. Thanks to these subsidies, the teams can be accommodated comfortably when they join tournaments abroad, and their coaches have greater confidence to lead the team to perform at their best.

Chief Art Officer and director of this event, Ms. Yang Yi-Shan, said that over the years the competition has been expanded to include teams from little league to senior league, and big league. Although originally limited to teams from Taoyuan County, the tournament now also attracts teams from Hshin-Chu, Miaoli and Taipei counties. “Although Min-Sheng’s financial contribution is not significant, its influence and vision may last long”, said Ms. Yang. Along with the baseball games are other activities designed to attract public attention and support for the tournament. The closing ceremony is scheduled for December 5, 2010, and will be followed by a fund-raising concert December 12.