Sunday, January 27, 2008

Missioncare Expected to Be Listed in Singapore Market Next Year

Driven by the desire to pursue global business opportunities, Missioncare Inc. is looking to cooperate with at least additional eight foreign insurances companies after signing contracts with two U.S. based insurance companies, said Dr. Fred Yang, CEO of Missioncare Inc.

Missioncare is also closely communicating with an Indonesian Chinese corporation, whose business ranges from finance to real estate to the healthcare industry. Missioncare plans to work with its four subsidiary hospitals and move towards the China market, hopefully becoming a listed company in Singapore in 2008.

According to Dr. Min-Sheng Yang, founder and Chairman of Missioncare, because Taiwan's national health insurance limited the growth of the domestic health care industry, our company began globalization movement five years ago by diversifying and allocating healthcare resources to the international market.

As planned by Dr. Fred Yang, son of Dr. Min-Sheng Yang, Missioncare initiated a series of strategic alliances last year. First, Missioncare invited the International Netherlands Group (ING Group) to invest in its flagship hospital building, the Min-Sheng campus; however, Missioncare still maintains hospital operation and management. Later on Missioncare obtained contracts with the GlobalChoice and UnitedHealth Insurance, two U.S. health insurance companies. Soon, patients will be referred from the U.S. to seek quality and affordable healthcare in Taiwan.

According to Dr. Fred Yang, Missioncare would like to emphasize three kinds of procedures in particular: Cardiac Cath, Minimally Invasive, and Orthopedic Surgeries. Benefiting from its strategic alliance with the National Taiwan University Hospital, Missioncare has upgraded itself as an international quality healthcare provider. Meanwhile, the cost of care, such as the cost of Orthopedic surgeries, can be as low as or less than one third compared to the cost in the U.S.

Resulting from the accreditation by the Joint Commission International, Missioncare is seeking to establish relationships with eight more health insurance companies. Two additional contracts are expected to be signed during the first quarter of the year.

Additionally, Missioncare has officially established a foothold in Los Angeles by marketing to the local Chinese community. It is hoped that U.S. Chinese residents will fly back to Taiwan for healthcare through negotiation with their health insurance companies.

Dr. Fred Yang said Missioncare is the holding company responsible for globalization. Its strategy is to introduce international capital to construct a large hospital chain, and to acquire existing hospitals to join in the international market. Missioncare has also allied with the Shanghai International Healthcare Management Company in order to establish an 800-bed hospital in Nan-Chang City, Jian-Shi, China. Missioncare will be responsible for personnel recruitment, retention and healthcare administration.

Dr. Fred Yang envisions Missioncare to be listed in the Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Singapore markets by 2015, and becoming the biggest chain healthcare corporation in Asia.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Min-Sheng General Hospital presents outstanding and comprehensive International Health Care (IHC) to the world.

Min-Sheng General Hospital is the first Joint Commission International accredited hospital in Taiwan, representing an international quality standard of healthcare. This 600 bed hospital provides comprehensive tertiary health care including 24-hour trauma center in the city of Tao-Yuan. It is the closest major hospital to the international airport. We offer several unique specialties by a team of competent medical specialists.

Centers of Excellences
1. VIP Health Checkup Center
2. Silver Plan suitable for age 20~80: Basic blood works.
3. Gold Plan suitable for age 38~65: Blood work + EKG + X-ray + Colonoscopy.
4. Platinum Plan suitable for age 50+: Silver plan + Gold plan + Electron Beam Tomography (Cardiovascular imaging exam) + Overnight sleep study.
5. Orthopedic Center
Total Hip Replacement / Total Knee Replacement / Spine surgery
6. Minimal Invasive Surgery Center
Bariatric Surgeries (Mini gastric bypass / Lap Band / Gastrectomy / Gastric Balloon)
7. Aesthetic Medicine Center
Blepharoplasty / Rhinoplasty / Liposuction / Laser Skin Treatments
8. Heart Center
Mini Bypass Heart Surgery / Regular Open Heart Surgery/ Cardiac Catherization
9. Eye Center
Lasik / Cataract/ Glaucoma Surgery
10. Infertility Technology Center (IVF)
Infertility examination / Artificial Insemination

Services Available for International Patients
Our International Health Care Center provides English speaking staff to assist you while you are receiving care. You will have all the information you need without any language barrier. From arrival to departure, we customize your service package according to your medical needs, time, and travel schedule, so that you could have a hassle-free medical trip.
Customize service features include the following.
1. English speaking staff
2. Transportation arrangement
3. Hotel reservation
4. Minimum waiting
5. Assist with tour planning
6. Hotel-like accommodation
7. Preferred doctors
8. Assist in completing insurance claims
9. Overseas contact
10. Internet access of personal medical records
11. Discharged follow up contact
12. 1:1 staffing

Significant Hospital Milestones
1.The first hospital to receive Joint Commission International Accreditation
2. Accredited by Taiwan Joint Commission
3. ISO9001:2000 (Provision of Laboratory Medicine Service)
4. ISO15189:2003 (Department of Laboratory)
5. Certified teaching hospital of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, and Family Medicine.
6. The 1st oversea telecasting of live Bariatric Surgery in Asia
7. The 1st hospital implementing Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB) Surgery in Taiwan
8. 24 hour medical rescue team for Acute Stroke and Acute Myocardial Infarction
9. Shorter “Door to Balloon” time than international standard in Cardiac Catheterization (NEJM Standard)
10. Equipped with the 1st ECMO Ambulance (Mobil ECMO) in Taiwan
11. Provide the 1st Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) exam in Taiwan
12. Over 95% customer satisfaction and 80% customer return rate of Executive Health Checkup Center

Couple Gains Family from Min-Sheng Hospital's Weight Reduction Surgery
Stephen and Susan knew that Bariatric Surgery could help with their weight problems. At the time they chose to have their weight reduction surgery procedures they did not realize how much it would change their lives.
Stephen is 32 years old and lives in Taichung. For business reasons, he needs to frequently drive to Taipei or to Taoyuan and return the same day. The long drives and lack of exercise were factors that fueled his weight gain. His weight reached 107 kg with a BMI as high as 36 (normal BMI ranges from 18-24). Hoping to improve his health, Stephen decided to consider surgery as an option. Through extensive research on the internet, he acquired direct knowledge from actual patient experiences, as well as media reports about weight loss surgery, and even learned the quality of surgical equipment needed for these procedures. Finally, in 2005, Steven decided to have endoscopic gastric bypass surgery at Min-Sheng General Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan. The surgery was performed by Professor Wei-Jei Lee, the leader of surgical weight reduction in the Asia-Pacific area who has performed over 1900 weight reduction surgeries.
With her weight at 95 kg and BMI values as high as 38, Susan from Taipei, had been limited by her weight problems for years. Her weight made day-to-day life and work difficult and had not been able to attract a boy friend. She tried many different methods to lose weight, but none of the methods had been successful. In 2006, Susan chose Min-Sheng to receive weight loss surgery and started a different life.
In Susan's return to the hospital for aftercare, she met Stephen, who has experienced the same weight reduction surgery. Similar recovery circumstances became their favorite conversation topic and also triggered the growth of their romantic relationship.
As Stephen's and Susan's life-long partner, Min-Sheng General Hospital continues to provide support and instruction after their surgeries. Both of them attended the post-operative follow-up for a year. Stephen's weight has decreased from 107 kg to 75 kg and Susan's decreased from 95 kg to 60 kg. Their health has greatly improved and their lives have changed.
In May of 2007, surrounded by family and friends, including Dr. Wei-Jei Lee, Stephen and Susan got married, and Susan will be a mother in the summer of 2008.

Min-Sheng General Hospital
International Health Care Center - Health care without boundaries!
22F, # 168, Ching-Kuo Rd, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 330
Tel: +88633179599 ext. 2222(24-hour hotline)

Missioncare Chosen as Sole Health Care Management Provider for TSMC

After being successfully allied with ING Group, Missioncare has taken it one step further by allying with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, becoming TSMC's only health care management provider while guarding the health of its staff.

This alliance was executed by Missioncare's subsidiary company, Sheng-Hong Medicine, the first professional healthcare management company subsidized by a hospital in Taiwan. It offers health checkup programs to over 400 listed companies in Taiwan, and provides outreach medical services and occupational disease prevention to companies and factories. Sheng-Hong Medicine Inc. currently operates four main service lines, including health checkups, health professional outsourcing, pharmaceutical services and asset management.

As a result of this strategic alliance, Sheng-Hong Medicine will design customized annual and new staff health checkup programs for TSMC employees, and carry out a 5-year wellness (health prevention) program to help TSMC employees in health management, disease prevention and follow-ups.

Sheng-Hong Medicine's outreach medical service providers and health professional outsourcing service providers are experienced in community care and the execution of health education programs. They hope to apply the concept of health management to the community and serve as the guard for laborers' health.

Backed up by Missioncare, Sheng-Hong Medicine operates a wide range of health related services including group purchasing, equipment leasing, health management, central laboratory, and tele-medicine. In 2008, turnover is expected to reach 1 billion NTD with a forecasted EPS of 5 NTD. It will soon become the first IPO company of the Missioncare health system in 2010.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MissionCare welcomes three new members.

On December 31, 2007, Missioncare Corporation expanded its international level of quality health service to the greater Taipei area as the result of its investment with Excelsior Healthcare Group. The Excelsior Healthcare Group is the leader of Taiwan's dialysis care provider and its subsidiary Enfield Medical is a newly listed company in the stock market. The Excelsior Healthcare Group owned three health care facilities, Hsin-Tai General Hospital, Zen-Shyang Clinic, and Jin-Mei General Hospital. These three facilities operate 250 beds with annual revenues of 8 hundred million in sum. Missioncare welcomes these three facilities as part of the Missioncare chain.

Missioncare operates four hospitals, 2 long-term care facilities, and an outpatient clinic. Now with three new members joining Missioncare will result in a total of ten facilities, which makes Missioncare as the most comprehensive chain healthcare system in Taiwan. By the third quarter of 2008 there will be a newly built 800 bed hospital in China joining Missioncare.

The ING alliance project successfully introduced Missioncare into the international capital market. Oversea listing is the next important financial engineering of Missioncare. Dr. Fred Yang, CEO of Missioncare, expects the company to be the largest Asia Healthcare chain by 2015.

An important strategic value of this investment is to establish a chain operation platform and generate benefits of resource sharing, brain gain, and quality improvement and economy scale effects.