Sunday, January 27, 2008

Missioncare Expected to Be Listed in Singapore Market Next Year

Driven by the desire to pursue global business opportunities, Missioncare Inc. is looking to cooperate with at least additional eight foreign insurances companies after signing contracts with two U.S. based insurance companies, said Dr. Fred Yang, CEO of Missioncare Inc.

Missioncare is also closely communicating with an Indonesian Chinese corporation, whose business ranges from finance to real estate to the healthcare industry. Missioncare plans to work with its four subsidiary hospitals and move towards the China market, hopefully becoming a listed company in Singapore in 2008.

According to Dr. Min-Sheng Yang, founder and Chairman of Missioncare, because Taiwan's national health insurance limited the growth of the domestic health care industry, our company began globalization movement five years ago by diversifying and allocating healthcare resources to the international market.

As planned by Dr. Fred Yang, son of Dr. Min-Sheng Yang, Missioncare initiated a series of strategic alliances last year. First, Missioncare invited the International Netherlands Group (ING Group) to invest in its flagship hospital building, the Min-Sheng campus; however, Missioncare still maintains hospital operation and management. Later on Missioncare obtained contracts with the GlobalChoice and UnitedHealth Insurance, two U.S. health insurance companies. Soon, patients will be referred from the U.S. to seek quality and affordable healthcare in Taiwan.

According to Dr. Fred Yang, Missioncare would like to emphasize three kinds of procedures in particular: Cardiac Cath, Minimally Invasive, and Orthopedic Surgeries. Benefiting from its strategic alliance with the National Taiwan University Hospital, Missioncare has upgraded itself as an international quality healthcare provider. Meanwhile, the cost of care, such as the cost of Orthopedic surgeries, can be as low as or less than one third compared to the cost in the U.S.

Resulting from the accreditation by the Joint Commission International, Missioncare is seeking to establish relationships with eight more health insurance companies. Two additional contracts are expected to be signed during the first quarter of the year.

Additionally, Missioncare has officially established a foothold in Los Angeles by marketing to the local Chinese community. It is hoped that U.S. Chinese residents will fly back to Taiwan for healthcare through negotiation with their health insurance companies.

Dr. Fred Yang said Missioncare is the holding company responsible for globalization. Its strategy is to introduce international capital to construct a large hospital chain, and to acquire existing hospitals to join in the international market. Missioncare has also allied with the Shanghai International Healthcare Management Company in order to establish an 800-bed hospital in Nan-Chang City, Jian-Shi, China. Missioncare will be responsible for personnel recruitment, retention and healthcare administration.

Dr. Fred Yang envisions Missioncare to be listed in the Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Singapore markets by 2015, and becoming the biggest chain healthcare corporation in Asia.

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