Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MissionCare welcomes three new members.

On December 31, 2007, Missioncare Corporation expanded its international level of quality health service to the greater Taipei area as the result of its investment with Excelsior Healthcare Group. The Excelsior Healthcare Group is the leader of Taiwan's dialysis care provider and its subsidiary Enfield Medical is a newly listed company in the stock market. The Excelsior Healthcare Group owned three health care facilities, Hsin-Tai General Hospital, Zen-Shyang Clinic, and Jin-Mei General Hospital. These three facilities operate 250 beds with annual revenues of 8 hundred million in sum. Missioncare welcomes these three facilities as part of the Missioncare chain.

Missioncare operates four hospitals, 2 long-term care facilities, and an outpatient clinic. Now with three new members joining Missioncare will result in a total of ten facilities, which makes Missioncare as the most comprehensive chain healthcare system in Taiwan. By the third quarter of 2008 there will be a newly built 800 bed hospital in China joining Missioncare.

The ING alliance project successfully introduced Missioncare into the international capital market. Oversea listing is the next important financial engineering of Missioncare. Dr. Fred Yang, CEO of Missioncare, expects the company to be the largest Asia Healthcare chain by 2015.

An important strategic value of this investment is to establish a chain operation platform and generate benefits of resource sharing, brain gain, and quality improvement and economy scale effects.

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