Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Group from Min-Sheng Hospital Attends Two Marketing Events in U.S.

Since the establishment of the International Health Care Department at Min-Sheng Hospital earlier this year, the hospital continues to strive to position itself globally. On May 3, 2008 a group from the hospital, led by Chief Quality Officer Connie Ma, arrived in the U.S. with the intention of attending two separate marketing events. First, they attended the 2008 Health Care Globalization Summit in Las Vegas. Next, they traveled to Los Angeles for the Taiwan Culture Fest. During both events, many attendees visited Min-Sheng’s booth. More impressive, though, was the fact that Ming-Sheng garnered the attention of the international media, and was interviewed by both English and Chinese newspapers, radio stations, and T.V. news channels. Moreover, many Taiwanese living in the Los Angeles area were so impressed by Min-Sheng’s presence at the Taiwan Culture Fest that they expressed their intentions to return to Taiwan to receive VIP health checks, and other forms of care.

The Health Care Globalization Summit is a bi-annual event that brings together health care experts, multinational insurance companies, medical travel brokers, banks, technology companies, and international hospitals for the purpose of discussing the latest trends in medical tourism, and allowing the participants to engage in mutually beneficial business activities. E-Da Hospital of Kaohsiung attended the event along with Min-Sheng. The event served two purposes: First, it enabled both hospitals to promote their services. Second, it provided the opportunity to place Taiwan health care squarely on the world stage.

During the event, Min-Sheng proudly showcased its JCI accreditation, its top surgeons’ credentials, and its services. The GM of a large American technology company stopped by Min-Sheng’s booth for a friendly chat. He had traveled to Taiwan several times on business in the past, yet he had no idea that Taiwan offered such high quality health care at such an affordable price. Afterward, the gentleman said that he would recommend that the employees at his company’s Taiwan branch office all go to Min-Sheng for a VIP health check.

Also in attendance was Patients Beyond Borders author Dr. Joseph Woodman. Dr. Woodman visited Min-Sheng last year and was so impressed by his visit that he remains committed to future collaboration with the hospital. Dr. Woodman’s praise along with the positive media coverage attained by attending the event will bolster Min-sheng’s chances of signing contracts with many large American insurance companies in the future.

While in Las Vegas, Min-sheng was interviewed by the largest newspaper in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Sun ((http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2008/may/07/peddling-medical-getaways/) and the largest overseas Chinese Newspaper in the U.S., the World Journal (http://www.worldjournal.com/wj-la-news.php?nt_seq_id=1712351).

Immediately following the event in Las Vegas, the group from Min-Sheng drove to Los Angeles to for the Taiwan Culture Fest. One of Min-Sheng’s target markets is overseas Chinese. Due to the large overseas Chinese population in the L.A. area, this event represented a very significant marketing opportunity for the hospital. Many local Taiwanese attending the event were excited to learn that they could expect to receive the same level of care and service that they were accustomed to receiving in the U.S. at a fraction of the U.S. cost. They were also intrigued to learn that Min-Sheng had designed a health check package specifically with overseas Chinese in mind. The package includes a health checkup, hotel reservations, tour arrangements, and other amenities.

In L.A., Min-Sheng was interviewed by a local Chinese news channel (Channel 18) as well as Taiwan’s Dong Sen news channel.

One local Taiwanese resident, who had received a health check at Min-Sheng in the past, was very surprised when he came across the hospital’s booth at the fair. He said, “Seeing Min-Sheng here at the fair in L.A. is like running into an old friend unexpectedly while traveling abroad… It’s a really friendly feeling.” He went on to add that he would refer his friends to receive health checks at Min-Sheng in the future.

The leader of Min-Sheng’s group, Chief Quality Officer Connie Ma believed that the trip was a success on multiple levels: First, it allowed Min-Sheng to display its strengths. Second, the hospital gained widespread media exposure while at the same time getting the attention of many insurance companies.

The journey across the Pacific is a major milestone for Taiwan and Min-Sheng Hospital. The health care group made large strides toward its goals of establishing a foothold in the international health care market, and creating value for the health care market as a whole. While the trip may have been a small step for Min-Sheng, it was a major step for Taiwan health care as we are now competes along side with Singapore, Thailand, etc.

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