Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sharing United States long term care business ideas and business models

Min-Shing Long Term Care Deputy Chief Chen Peng-Xuan invited Dr. Yang Yihong, receipent of the "2007 Outstanding Asian-American entrepreneurs, winner of the U.S.", "2007 National Taipei College of Nursing Outstanding Alumni" to share her United States experience and ideas with the Min-Sheng long term care Staff. Dr. Yang has nursing back ground and a law degree.

Dr. Yang and her husband owned 3 long term care centers in the U.S. They have successfully turned around failing Long Term Care Centers in a very short time frame. She shared with the staff her experiences of hard ships and obstacles. She described her management philosophy, marketing strategy and resident focused care. Her wealth of knowledge and generous teaching provided us boarder view of the global long term health care needs. Min-Sheng Long Term Health Care Service had been reorganized recently in order to further enhanced and improved the long term care product line. The experience sharing from Dr. Yang's description of an excellent global level of long term facility has helped us to set our target. As result of Dr. Yang's visit and speech, we have been energerized and motivated to implement some of her idea in order to elevate long term care to higher level of quality.

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