Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amazing Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery Not Only ReducesWeight But Also Helps Type II Diabetes-Min-Sheng Announces its 1000th Case

Min-Sheng's Asia-Pacific Laparoscopic Bariatric Center announced its 1000th case of gastric bypass bariatric surgery performed by Professor Dr. Lee Wei-Jei on May 6th 2008. The center is also an internationally recognized research center for bariatric surgeries,and has been publishing over 30 international papers and trained more than 40 physicians from over 15 countries.

The center invited Mrs. Shi to share her testimonial of a successful weight reduction by gastric bypass bariatric surgery. Before she received the surgery her weight was 132kg last year, and now her weight is 61.8kg, with a significant reduction of 70kg. According to Prof. Dr. Lee Wei-Jei, his 1000 patients have reduced weight on average of 22kg in 3 months after such surgery, and 39.8 kg in 1 year after the surgery. The surgery is one of the most effective weight reduction methods and it's 99.8% safe. Now there are many patients in overseas countries making appointment for such surgery.

The research team of Min-Sheng bariatric center found that such surgery has an amazing effect on treating difficult diabetes. Dr Lee said, obesity is the most important risk factor of type II diabetes.

Among Min-Sheng's 1000 cases, 201 cases were diabetes patients, but up to 87.1% of their diabetes were cured after the surgery. Mr. Tzeng is a typical case that benefited from this surgery. Previously his weight was 196kg and he was diagnosed to have type II diabetes with glycated hemoglobin level up to 7.1. In the case his diabetes condition was very difficult to be cured by traditional treatment methods. Only one month after he received this surgery he lost 20kg and his glycated hemoglobin has down to 5.6, which is within normal range. This incredible treatment outcome has been published on American Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery in October 2007, which is the first successful research project in Asia.

Currently Min-Sheng General Hospital together with National Taiwan University Hospital are assigned by the University of Minnesota to conduct an international research in surgical treatment for difficult diabetes. In its first 30 cases, the cure rate is 85% with 100% safety. Dr. Lee's such research outcome has raised great attention in the world, and he has been invited to present this research findings
in the annual congress of American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) next month. Diabetes center of National Taiwan University Hospital will accept another 30 studying cases in the 2nd stage of research. Please consult with the center if you are interested in participating this study.

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