Thursday, July 3, 2008

Min-Sheng Founder Reflects on 33 Years of Success During Recent Accreditation Process

First of all, I’d like to begin by representing Min-Sheng’s thousand plus staff members in welcoming the surveyors and the rest of our honored guests. I strongly believe that the 48 hour accreditation process will greatly benefit our hospital and staff.

Min-Sheng was established thirty-three years ago, and although it’s a private organization with limited resources, we’ve never been shy or self conscious about who we are; with tenacity and gumption, we’ve continually strived to overcome any and all obstacles standing in our path.

Early on, after returning from Tai-Da to start a hospital in my hometown of Taoyuan, my only desire was to provide medical care for the local residents and allow them to be able to receive quality care without having to go too far from home. We radually blossomed and our patient centered outlook led us to become a small hospital chain. By the end of the last century, we felt that the medical environment had undergone huge changes resulting in the need for a large scale hospital in order to attract the top talent and to firmly establish ourselves in an extremely competitive environment. Therefore, we made the announcement to our shareholders and staff that we were once again purchasing land in order to build a new hospital. Two years later, Min-Sheng’s Ching-Kuo campus became the health care system’s flagship hospital.

This year marks Min-Sheng General Hospital’s eight year anniversary. The challenges posed by SARS and the limitations of national health insurance reimbursements hindered the progress of the new hospital for the first few years. Then, three years ago, former superintendant of Tai-Da Hospital, Professor Yuan-De Li, and several excellent young physicians from Tai-Da joined the team. Aided by this strong new team and the leadership of Professor Li, Min-Sheng was able to overcome many obstacles and rise to success. Moreover, the young superintendant, Dr. Fred Yang, through a series of astute financial maneuvers, such as the sale and lease back deal with ING, rendered the hospital a debt free organization.

Under the leadership C.E.O. Yuan-De Li, we were able to attain international accreditation. Last year, we were even brave enough to pursue the National Quality Award. Although we fell just short of receiving the award, it was nevertheless an invaluable experience. Additionally, Superintendant Fred Yang is in the midst of ensuring that the health care needs of local residents are met.

Because the current era of health care is dominated by national health insurance, and hospitals everywhere are subject to its control, hospital behavior is the same all over. Ultimately, health care providers have never faced such daunting challenges. Min-Sheng understands that it is powerless to resist national health insurance reimbursement. However, we must do our best to minimize its effects by developing international medicine, medical tourism, VIP health examinations, elder care, web based medicine, and self pay services. Furthermore, we must learn from other industries’ development models in order to maximize our efficiency and create the most value. These are our future goals.

Of course, medical safety is still our number one priority. Presently, we very much look forward to any advice from the national health officials as to how we can improve and exceed the standards set by the National Ministry of Health. Finally, I’d like to once again thank everyone for his or her efforts during the accreditation process.

(The above content comes from Chairman Yang)

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