Monday, July 7, 2008

Min-Sheng Wins Two Awards, Including Number One Health Care Group

Min-Sheng General Hospital has been awarded two prestigious awards by the Taoyuan County Bureau of Health regarding volunteer work: Number One Health Care Group and Most Improved.

Min-Sheng’s founder, Dr. Min-Sheng Yang, has undertaken a host of philanthropic projects in his time. Among them, he has provided hospital beds for the needy, expanded and integrated social resources, and established a volunteer network. Since the beginning, there have been many enthusiastic volunteers, including a group of mothers, religious volunteers, young people, business leaders, etc. who have participated in a wide array of civic and charitable activities.

Participating in the accreditation process this time were 34 groups (20 medical groups and 14 health groups). The surveyors from the Bureau of Health were on-site May 5th, 2008. They were deeply impressed with the hospital’s volunteer network and its nine large innovation projects.

Min-Sheng’s volunteer network has received much praise lately, and this month received the government’s highest honor by being rated the number one medical group and most improved. Through Ms. Yan-Qiu Chen’s(Public Affairs Office) selfless devotion to charitable works and unmatched determination, the number of volunteers has rapidly increased to 180. Ms. Chen stated that preparing for accreditation took a year and a half. She went on to say that although many felt that the task couldn’t be done, she and the other volunteers were determined to make the impossible possible, and didn’t relent until they had accomplished their mission.
Min-Sheng’s endless devotion to philanthropy and innovation provide patients and family members with humanitarian and international services. For example, the hospital has interpreters for eight different languages, innovative services, and enthusiastic volunteers. Deputy C.E. O. Charles Chang said that winning the top award from the Taoyuan County Health Bureau is the same as winning a national award for the entire country seeing that the Taoyuan Health Bureau has been the country’s number one health bureau for the past several years.

Min-Sheng’s director of social services pointed out that the volunteer network has integrated community resources, and has gotten staff involved in volunteer work and education as well. He added that in the future the hospital will pursue social resources, as well as the cooperation of the nearby Tong-An police station and the health bureau in order to give even more back to the community.

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