Thursday, July 24, 2008

Min-Sheng Celebrates 33rd Anniversary, unveils Taiwan's First Hospital Self Service Kiosks

Taiwan's first JCI accredited hospital, and Taoyuan's largest regional hospital, Min-Sheng General, celebrated its 33rd anniversary on July 16th, 2008 with a series of festivities. Several high profile guests attended the event, including health ministers, legislators, and precinct leaders.
Over the past almost forty years that Min-Sheng has served the Taoyuan area its doctors and staff have continually received the praise of local residents. Taking the lead in the medical industry once again, Min-Sheng used this occasion to officially unveil its brand new self service kiosks. Min-Sheng is the first hospital in Taiwan to incorporate self service kiosks that allow patients to register and pay for appointments, thus saving patrons valuable time. Aside from saving time, the new devices will also improve the service of the hospital's clinics by making it easier and faster to browse patient information.
As part of the anniversary celebrations, Min-Sheng has officially declared this year as "The Year of Touching Service." Therefore, the hospital will continue with the mystery shopper surveys to ensure that high service standards are met. However, Min-Sheng would also like to make sure that the service and environment are both warm and friendly. That's why this year Min-Sheng held the Little Star Modeling Competition. The winner's picture will be displayed on posters throughout the hospital with reminders such as no smoking; keep voices down in hospital lobby; etc. It is hoped that the pictures of cute children accompanying the admonishments will enliven the environment and give patrons a warmer impression. A life size card board cut out was made of the child who won the competition. Several guests and patients present during the ceremony were impressed by the life sized cut out. They all felt that it would make future visitors and patients feel warm and happy. Moreover, they believed that the presence of children may alleviate patients' suffering.
The activities that took place in celebration of Min-Sheng's 33rd anniversary were the kiosk unveiling, star model ceremony, children's dance performance, and the annual stair climbing activity. To conclude the festivities, anniversary cake was served and one more dance was performed

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