Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Min-Sheng Publishes Its First Textbook of Management Accounting and Shares Its Best Practice Experience

Min-Sheng C.E.O. Dr. Fred Yang recently had his book published-"Management Accounting Practice- How to Create a Well Run Hospital" It provides policy makers and industry managers with the essence of accounting practices and to guides them to create operating achievements. Dr. Yang has many years experience leading the accounting department. Additionally, he has spent many years in the hospital gaining practical knowledge and experience. His book provides an easy to use step by step knowledge of hospital management accounting systems. The book is divided into a total of twelve chapters. Some of the topics include hospital costs, break even analysis, management accounting and decision analysis, investment decision making capacity, performance assessment and management, etc. The book is well structured and thorough, yet it also explains things in layman's terms so that anyone could use it. For better results, National Taiwan University's accounting department director and graduate school director, Professor Li Xuxing, wrote the preface for the book. They would also like to dedicate this book to Mr. Zhang Xinghan, a former vice president, for his contributions to the accounting system.

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