Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wisdom Taiwan Starts U-City Min-Sheng U-Application Exhibition

The Taoyuan County Government hosted the "2008 Taiwan Digital City International Symposium" last month at the Taoyuan City Women's Center. Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew visited the scene with members of the Executive Yuan and other high ranking officials and academics.

Min-Sheng Hospital's U-Care Plan and Health Care Vision

The Heart and Soul of the Construction of Wisdom Taiwan's Healthy Life Environment

Min-Sheng CEO Dr. Fred Yang stated: "Min-Sheng's vision, in addition to serving the greater Taoyuan area, is to be a world-class high quality hospital in the global market, and to create Asia's leading health care brand. Through alliances with different industries, and Wisdom Taiwan's government policy development, we would like to create an excellent reputation for Taiwan in the international medical community, and to promote international health care and the advancement of the U-Care Aviation City plan. And finally, we would like to encourage staff members of MissionCare, Inc. and the residents of Taoyuan city to work together for the internationalization of health care and medicine. "In the future, Taoyuan Aviation Science and Technology City's application of a health care plan through Min-Sheng Health Care System's U-Care Case Office Director Dr. Xu and Information Office Director Dr. Wang's strategy will exhibit Min-Sheng Hospital's promotion of U-Care's new phase and results, including home health care management and the development of wireless health care management. The two main exhibits are 1. The Seniors Flagship U-Care Plan. 2. The U-Environment Medical Services Application."
Min-Sheng Home Health Care Device Healthy Living Assistance

U-Care Office Director Dr. Xu stated that in order to display product research and development, the "Home Heath Care Device" utilizes a MiTAC computer, Yi-Long Electronics, Gateway Technologies, Health and Life Co., Ltd, and the Yuan Ze University Research and Development Center team. Min-Sheng Health Care System's emphasis on medical resources and team-based health care; through the integration of information technology and physical measurement technology; the establishment of science and technology; and electronics, will create an "exclusive customized family physician." A sort of medical information system service platform providing de-institutionalized health care services so that seniors living at home can still receive high quality care and services.
The home health care devices are multi-lingual and voice guided so seniors can more easily measure their own physiological conditions. Furthermore, data transmitted wirelessly via the home gateway will allow doctors to carry out real-time monitoring and if need be, immediately notify patients of abnormal physiological measurements.

Min-Sheng Actively Promotes E-Medical Environment through Self Service Kiosks

Min-Sheng provides patient-centric e-quality medical services and as an industry leader, it was the first hospital in Taiwan to introduce self-service Kiosks. Through Mission Hi- Kiosk, Min-Sheng continues to promote medical web service quality, and advance convenience and transparency, thus providing patients with a new medical services model.

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