Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brothers Elephant Baseball Team Helps Min-Sheng's Long Tan Campus Celebrate Two Decades of Service.

Over the past 20 years, Min-Sheng's Long Tan branch has grown up healthy and strong. In celebration of its 20 year anniversary, several events took place over a seven day period, including an autograph session with members of the famous Brothers Elephant baseball team.
On the morning of August 7th, Chairman of Min-Sheng Health Care System Dr. Min-Sheng Yang led the anniversary celebrations, which were attended by many outstanding staff members and esteemed guests, such as Mayor Tsai of Long Tan. In the afternoon an autograph session with several members of the Brothers Elephant baseball team took place. Local residents were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the star players face to face.

Since last year, the second floor of the Long Tan Hospital has been the site of the Child Development Center, and to go along with the celebrations, the center promoted early intervention activities that left those in attendance with a lasting impression.

Having always believed that its obligations to the community weren't limited to the practice of medicine, Min-Sheng purified the water in a local water well, and assisted in cleaning the surrounding environment. Concluding the activities, doctors from Min-Sheng led a series of health education seminars regarding topics such as life with hypertension, the diabetes diet, and so on.

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