Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Min-Sheng Medical Rescue Team Successfully Discharges Two Preterm Infants"

Min-Sheng announced the rescue of two preterm infants, one aged 26 weeks and weighing 995 grams, and the other aged 27 weeks and weighing 990 grams. The rescue once again established the excellent ability and high quality service provided by the Min-Sheng Neonatal Emergency Care Team.

The two preterm babies, Hao-Hao and Li-Jie, recovered quickly and were thrown a going away party by Min-Sheng's staff before being discharged from the hospital. Hao-Hao was born with a number of serious conditions, including respiratory distress syndrome, anemia, (which required a blood transfusion) apnea and sepsis. Astonishingly, after three months of diligent efforts by doctors and nurses, Hao-Hao weighed 2500 grams and bore no resemblance at all to a preterm infant. Li-Jie on the other hand, who is currently experiencing no complications, had suffered from apnea, hepatitis and other conditions, and had actually dropped down to 700 grams before eventually reaching his discharge weight of 2300 grams.

Hao-Hao and Li-Jie had the smallest birth weights on record in the Taoyuan area, which once again attests to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit's commitment to quality care. According to Min-Sheng Hospital's Neonatal Director Dr. Yee-Li Hung, Taiwan's birth rate has decreased over the years, yet the incidence of preterm infants is still very high. With the two births coming in May, Min-Sheng assigned an inter-division rescue team to the two cases. The medical team arduously worked for three months in order to stabilize the infants' health. Dr. Hung further noted that due to the various complications that arise in preterm infants' lungs, brains, hearts, etc., the medical team required a division of labor that not only called for a doctor of neonatal obstetrics and gynecology, but also specialists in pediatric surgery, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, and rehabilitation.

Founding chairman of the Preterm Infant Association and Min-Sheng's Deputy Superintendent and Chief Advisor of the Division of Women and Children, Dr. Yi-Hong Chow, said that Min-Sheng, by bringing together the integrity of maternal and child health care professionals, provides the Taoyuan area with sufficient ability to care for preterm infants in the most efficient manner. Additionally, Min-Sheng Hospital has benefited the Taoyuan area by providing immediate and comprehensive external referral services for high risk newborns

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