Sunday, September 21, 2008

Min-Sheng General Hospital Welcomes William Hoyios to the International Healthcare Team

Min-Sheng's International Healthcare Department was established with the goals of gaining a foothold in the global health care market and expanding international health care। The center, newly moved to the hospital's B1 floor, has nine multi-lingual staff members। In addition to setting up service lines for international patients, a 24-hour service window has also been established in order to provide multi-language help to foreign patients coming from abroad, as well as those living in Taiwan। The international healthcare team recently met with various domestic partners and U.S. health insurance companies to establish relationships and facilitate cooperation. In addition, the center has also recently received attention from a number of internationally renowned media outlets successfully shaping Min-Sheng's brand image, such as US News and World Report, International Medical Travel Journal, Medical Tourism Association Magazine, Las Vegas Sun, and Chinese World Journal.

Min-Sheng International Healthcare Department has recently announced the addition of a new staff member: William Hoyios. Mr. Hoyios is fluent in five languages, including English, French, Dutch, German, and Chinese. He has lived in Taiwan for ten years and has served as a foreign language center manager with expertise in marketing, public relations, translation, and other areas. Making the transition into the medical services industry, Mr. Hoyios will add vitality and professionalism to the International Medical Center.
Mr. Hoyios stated that because he could see the international medical market in Taiwan would grow and develop in the future, he decided to join a hospital that had international accreditation (JCI). He currently serves as an international business development specialist. His projects include increasing public awareness of Min-Sheng amongst Taiwan's foreign population, expanding opportunities with U.S. insurance companies, developing the tourist groups coming to Taiwan, establish foreign group web consultation, assisting in the development of the overseas Chinese market and so on. In addition to assisting people through his language skills, Mr. Hoyios is looking forward to making the world aware of Min-Sheng's high quality medical services and placing Min-Sheng's high standards of medical care onto the international stage.
In recent years, people from the United States and around the world have chosen to go overseas for medical treatment, mostly to Asian countries, such as Taiwan, India, Thailand, and Singapore, not only to avoid long waits, but also to enjoy affordable medical services. Especially because Taiwan's medical technology and equipment have reached international standards, and because Taiwan is competitively priced, there will be lots of room for growth and development. Mr. Hoyios said that Taiwan's low cost medical services have already reached international standards and that he would like to increase Min-Sheng's brand image through word of mouth in order to attract more patients from around the world.

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