Monday, February 16, 2009

Min-Sheng Opens Long-Term Care Center in Luchu Township

The Min-Sheng Health Care System has opened the Luchu Township Long-Term Care Center। The center, which officially began operations on Jan। 19, will greatly benefit the residents of the Luchu एरिया।।Invited to the opening ceremony were Min-Sheng's ChairmanYang Min-Sheng, system CEO Dr. Fred Yang, and Luchu Mayor Yu Ju-Lan among others.

The center was planned by a local government agency and bids were accepted by open tender. The project was under the commission of Yi-De Elder Care Center's operational management. The long-term care center covers an area of approximately 10,000 square feet. Additionally, the property looks out upon outdoor bridges, a fountain and an outdoor stage. What's more, the designers were able to design it in such a way that the compound is very safe, yet aesthetically appealing.

Care will be provided for high-quality and innovative services, including U-care RFID remote monitoring services, 24 hour monitoring at the call center, daily measurements of body temperature and pulse, ultimately providing residents with more humane services.

The center will open with a total of 200 beds, well equipped hardware, and excellent security. In addition, the Luchu township offices will actively combine community resources to promote social welfare services, such as community room service planning, which will allow for locals to participate in community activities.

CEO Fred Yang indicated that meeting the demand for elderly care services has become increasingly important. He added that the stability of customers and the pursuit of sustainable development and the concept of quality care for the elderly will enable seniors to enjoy a dignified and healthy life well into their golden years.

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