Monday, February 16, 2009

Min-Sheng Health Care System's Huayang Hospital Has Completed New System Hospital Accreditation

On August 1st, 2008 Min-Sheng Health Care System took over Huayang General Hospital in Chungli, Taiwan. Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Chen Ching-Yuan, Huayang Hospital integrated into the Min-Sheng system within two months. At the same time, he assured the hospital's smooth acceptance of the new system and the passage of hospital accreditation. Dr. Chen stated that Huayang Hospital's being ready to complete the task in a very short period was, apart from the efforts of his associates, proof of the thoroughness and success of Min-Sheng Health Care System's hospital management platform. He added that the hospital will provide the people with high quality health care and service, and promote high standards of care in south Taoyuan. With the integration of Huayang Hospital into the Min-Sheng system, the medical team will come to include heart medicine physician Dr. Qiu Ding-Yu, Bariatric surgeon Dr. Li Wei-Jie, chest medicine physician Dr. Ye Bu-Sheng, heart medicine specialist Dr. Sun, and ophthalmologist Dr. Lai Cheng-Ting. What's more, members of the Huayang orthopedic team have been invited to join the Southern Taoyuan Orthopedic Center, which will greatly benefit local orthopedic patients. Vice President Liu Qi-Tian, who is responsible for the south Taoyuan market, said that constant participation and evaluation drive Min-Sheng's pursuit of high quality health care. He added that the system continues to lead the way in "patient centered" service by providing high quality humanized care.

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