Sunday, March 8, 2009

Min-Sheng Entering into a New Era of Leadership

Min-Sheng is entering into a new era of operations management। Professor Zhang Yang-Quan will officially become the system’s executive vice president, as well as the superintendent of Min-Sheng General Hospital. Current CEO Dr. Fred Yang stated that he had accomplished everything that he set out to do as superintendent and that it was now time for him to set his sights on other goals, allowing for Professor Zhang to step in as the new superintendent.

Professor Zhang is an internationally renowned neurological medical authority, former professor at National Taiwan University School of Medicine and former director of the National Taiwan University Hospital Department of Neurology। Additionally, he assisted Min-Sheng Hospital three years ago in obtaining Taiwan’s first JCI accreditation.

Professor Zhang stated that he intends to vertically and horizontally develop Ming-Sheng Health Care System’s five branch hospitals and three care centers। In addition to implementing sound, sustainable business development, Zhang stated that the future direction of the organization will move toward the integration of the branch hospitals with every kind of professional system network, including personnel and resource sharing in order to enhance the quality of medical care.

Dr. Yang will now become the deputy general manager of the Asia Pacific Health Company where he will focus his efforts on setting up the firm’s hospital chain management platform.
Chairman Yang Min-Sheng stated that the future will bring the institutionalization of the professional management team into the operation. He also added that he was looking forward not only to Min-Sheng’s quality of medical care becoming the benchmark in Taiwan’s medical community, but also seeing its operations management become a model for the industry as well!

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