Sunday, March 8, 2009

Min-Sheng Health Care System Continues China Expansion

Min-Sheng Health Care System’s mainland China plans continue to progress after the recent integration of Hunan’s Wang Wang Hospital and Hainan’s Second People’s Hospital। Also, Guangdong Province’s Dongguan Guanghua Hospital has recently signed an agreement to build a medical service center for Taiwanese businessmen living in the area, establishing a stronghold in China’s Pearl River Delta for Min-Sheng.

Dongguang Guanghua Hospital is located in Dongguang City, which has a high number of Taiwanese businesspeople living there। It is a 500 bed hospital that was established through a joint venture by locals and Taiwanese business people. It is also the teaching hospital of the Tong Ji School of Medicine. Min-Sheng plans to send doctors from Taiwan to Guanghua Hospital on a monthly basis in order to provide care for the Taiwanese residing in Dongguan.

Min-Sheng’s executive vice president, Professor Zhang Yangquan, pointed out that the cooperation between China and Taiwan’s resident physicians to support the mainland’s first privately run hospital will bring closer cooperation between the two sides. He added that in the future, the relationship will develop a cross-strait model for private hospital cooperation and Min-Sheng will lead Taiwan in exporting its hospital management system to the mainland.

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