Thursday, January 1, 2009

Combination of Two Medical Groups a Win-Win Situation

Taiwan's number one medical biotechnology company, Mei Wu Hua, Inc. has officially invested in Sheng Hong. In 1976, Mei Wu Hua sold hair products. Then, it began to diversify into the pharmaceuticals field through establishing the pharmacy chain, Boden. Then, by 1998 Mei Wu Hua had moved toward new drug development by establishing White Biotechnology, Inc. Currently both companies are sold over the counter.

Two major factors led to Mei Wu Hau's decision to invest in Sheng Hong: 1. The people 2. Mei Wu Hua's investment philosophy. Mei Wu Hua's CEO, Mr. Lai Yu Ru, has been good friends with Min-Sheng's Chairman for many years. Mei Wu Hua's Chairman has always cared about the operations and development of Min-Sheng, and he is very impressed with the new direction of the health care system under the leadership of its current CEO, Dr. Fred Yang.

Mei Wu Hua's CEO believes that Sheng Hong's strengths are a strong professional medical background and vast medical resources, and he believes Mei Wu Hua's strengths are its pharmaceutical research capabilities and a wealth of pharmaceutical marketing experience. With both sides having their own core capabilities, cooperation makes sense. CEO Lai stated that Mei Wu Hua has already launched two successful IPOs, and he wishes that they could assist in making Sheng Hong's IPO as smooth as possible. Finally, CEO Lai said, "Today's investment is just one small step, yet it will be one large step for future development.

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