Thursday, January 1, 2009

Min-Sheng's ECMO Team Saves Two More Lives

A 36 year old female suddenly came under shock at the end of her liposuction surgery. She was sent to Min-Sheng's emergency room. After emergency CPR, the patient was sent straight to the operating room where open heart surgery was performed and the ECMO team was utilized. The patient's life was saved and after thirteen days, she was discharged from the hospital.

Later, a 39 year old male police officer was running when he fell to the ground and went into cardiac arrest। After arriving at Min-Sheng, the patient was rushed to the operating room where the ECMO machine was used and open heart surgery was performed. From there, the patient was transferred to Tai-Da University Hospital. Once again, the patient's life was saved and after only ten days, he was discharged.

Under the leadership of Chairman Yang Min-Sheng and Superintendent Yang Hong -Ren, the Cardiovascular Department has not only achieved excellence, but it has also has received large investments in medical systems such as ECMO। Furthermore, because of the leadership with the Cardiology Center and a strong team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, many lives have already been saved.

Use of the ECMO system is already quite common nowadays at Min-Sheng. Through the hard work of director Li Shao-Rong and his team, the residents of the Taoyuan area can receive comprehensive medical care and have a life guardian.

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