Friday, August 29, 2008

Min-Sheng Hospital First in Taiwan to Install Self Service Kiosks

In order to promote high quality service, Min-Sheng General has once again taken the lead by being the first hospital in the nation to introduce self service kiosks. These kiosks are different than those currently found on the market because in addition to having a dual payment function that accepts bank cards or credit cards ($700 NTD limit), the kiosks also provide appointment, out -patient clinic inquiries, information regarding all hospital services, national health insurance card renewal, etc. Due to the multitude of service functions, those going to see the doctor will be greatly benefited.

In addition, the operation interface has a user-friendly touch screen design that allows for more efficiency and speed when obtaining medical information. Most of all, the new kiosks will provide young and old with multipurpose high quality services at the touch of a button.
Director of Medical Information Dr. Wang Yao Hong indicated that kiosks are most commonly used in airports. Hospital Superintendant Dr. Fred Yang likes the convenience and futuristic aspects of the kiosks. He said that it took two years to work out all of the machines' glitches, but that investment will be worthwhile because the flow of patients coming in and out of the hospital will proceed much more smoothly. Other benefits include the rapid acquisition of necessary medical information, no waiting, and no service charge, thus providing patrons an ultra convenient and valuable experience.

At present, the hospital installed 20 self service kiosks. They will save patrons valuable time registering, paying, and finding information. Most importantly, the kiosks will lead the hospital in making the patient-oriented automated process. Dr. Wang Yao Hong points out that the transformation of the hospital into an e-medical service environment by adding the kiosks and various other IT related technologies will allow the hospital to run more smoothly and efficiently while at the same time avoiding unnecessary waiting and other complications. The hospital also hopes that through the assistance of information technology and science the transition to an e-medical service environment will take medical quality to an even higher level, and in the near future, provide patrons with a more user friendly and convenient e-platform.

For inquiries regarding the kiosks, please contact Ms. Chen at +886 3 317 9599 ext. 2045.

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