Monday, September 21, 2009

Business Times Interviews Min-Sheng’s Yang Hong-Ren

The pursuit of quality medical care provided the courage to accept the challenge.
Min-Sheng has succeeded by virtue of human innovation and the creation of high quality medical teams.

Min-Sheng Medical Holding Co., Ltd.’s Chairman Yang Min-Sheng has continually been an innovator within the medical industry. He’s spared no efforts to enhance organizational competitiveness, expectations for Taiwan’s medical industry and to cultivate a new generation of leaders. Furthermore, he won the 2008 Human Innovation Award and under his able leadership, the group has continued its pursuit of quality medical care and sustained human innovation through the creation of high quality medical teams.

The initiation of external evaluation and quality certifications has been positive.

Sheng-Hong Pharmaceutical Company Limited, CEO Yang Hong-Ren stated that everyone in the Min-Sheng Medical Group knows that the chairman has spent a lot of money building Min-Sheng College. After he won the award, a wave of employees were inspired to receive further education within the community in addition to joining the system’s personnel development training system. At the same time, he began promoting the initiation of obtaining external evaluations and quality certifications, for example, JCIDSC, JCI-II, ISO 9001,14000 and so on. Even this year, there are plans to apply for two other international quality certifications.

Upon Min-Sheng College’s founding, Yang Hong-Ren stressed that the holding group will invest about 10 million TWD into the college each year, amounting to approximately 5,500 TWD per person or 7% of the average employee’s salary. The college provides a centralized place of study, thus encouraging employees to attend classes and promoting reading and culture studies. Furthermore, it has encouraged the establishment of cooperation with well known universities, establishing Min-Sheng’s EMBA credit classes. This has resulted in 20 employees receiving their master’s degrees over the past 3 years.

E-Learning and KM expand size and level

Yang Hongren further points to Mr. Chen, who in addition to being in charge of three-year training courses through Min-Sheng College’s ongoing cooperation with the National Taiwan University College of Management, he is also expanding the scale and level of e-Learning and KM. candidates.
Because the hospital is limited by the national health care system, and also because of the financial tsunami of the past year, investment in personnel training has become more conservative. Yang Hong-Ren stressed, however, that there are almost no other hospital systems which have established institutions responsible for personnel training in the same way which Min-Sheng has. Min-Sheng management has taken the initiative to colleges and universities by sponsoring industry-university cooperation programs, inviting Min-Sheng to recommend its course of study for suitable candidates. For example, National Central University is renowned in the field of human capital and Min-Sheng hopes to cooperate with them in the future, gaining a perspective from the health management direction and benefiting from the cumulative effect of the professional development of training.
Chairman Yang Minsheng won the Human Innovation Award "Benchmarking Leaders" for individuals. Yang Hong-Ren believes that the incentive provided by the Human Innovation Award to put forth the effort to improve the quality of personnel and to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises will continue to hold. Also, he recommends the establishment of business clubs made up of award winning human resources directors which would organize seminars from time to time in order to exchange experiences and to allow for self benchmarking.

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