Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sheng Hong Medical Company Welcomes Professor Huang and 5 Other Directors

New independent directors: Professor Congxing (front left), Sun Li (front right), Hsiao Naizhang (back row fourth from right), Li line (front row second from right), Lin Pi-Yung (rear center)

For the smooth promotion of Sheng Hong’s over the counter listing application, five academic experts have been invited to serve on the company's board of directors, which has been composed of a strong line-up of independent directors who will work toward the goal of excellent corporate governance.

The new independent directors biographies are summarized below:

Independent director: Professor Huang
Professor Huang graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, and then attended the University of Texas at Austin in the U.S. to obtain a PhD in management. He is a current National Taiwan University School of Management professor and an independent director at Delta Electronics.

Independent director: Sun Li
National Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, University of Cambridge Ph.D. in economics.
Dr. Sun returned to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research after his studies. He currently serves as the director of both the Hospital Biotech Research Center and the Intellectual Property Research Center. Further, he is considered a medical authority on the biotech industry.

Independent Director: Dr. Nai-Chang Hsiao
Dr. Hsiao Hsiao is chief operating officer of Hsiao Zhong Zheng Hospital. He received his MD from Boston University in the US. He’s a former Vice COO of the Xiu Quan Health Care System and CEO of Hou Sheng International Digital Technology.

Independent Supervisor: Professor Li
Professor Li is an international authority in the area of financial accounting. He received his PhD in accounting from New York University and later returned to Taiwan to teach. He is the former head of National Taiwan University’s Accounting Department. He is currently a cabinet member of the stock exchange and the Ministry of Examination Advisory Committee.

Independent Supervisor: Dr. Pi-Yung
Dr. Pi-Yung received his medical degree from National Taiwan University, as well as his MBA. He is currently director of University Optics Inc. and director of and the Ministry of Examination Advisory Committee.

System President Yang Min-Sheng pointed out that adding five distinguished scholars and experts of the medical profession as the company's independent directors affirms the efforts of Min-Sheng’s management over the past several years. Further, he stated that the strengthening of corporate governance is an essential condition for sustainable development which will ultimately take the operations and management systems to new heights!

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