Sunday, September 6, 2009

Min-Sheng Health Care System’s Progressive Management Practices to Be Included in Tsinghua University Textbooks Once Again

The Tsinghua University of Science and Technology will once again include two cases regarding the Min-Sheng Health Care System in one of its textbooks: the sale and lease back deal with ING and Min-Sheng’s patient centered U-Care program.

"Introduction to Service Science: 10 Topics" includes dozens of well-known business cases of innovative services, including the transformation of Taiwan's manufacturing industry; Taiwan's semiconductor industry with TSMC's business overview; IBM on how to create a full range of service organizations; and Google’s views on innovation and creativity.

Lesson plans for the main contents of the cases from the Min-Sheng System include the U-Care plan motivation, positioning and strategy, U-Care services and practices to plan the execution of the results of illustrations.

The Min-Sheng U-Care project has been a large part of the post-secondary program for two years now, mainly for the use of information and communications technology and the concept of telemedicine services to achieve innovation. As a result of effective implementation, government subsidies have been directed toward intelligent care division plans. Thus, the project will be part of the revolutionary changes coming soon to Taiwan!

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