Monday, September 21, 2009

Min-Sheng Enters into Second Sale and Leaseback Agreement

Following the ING sale and leaseback, the Min-Sheng Health Care System has entered into a second sale and leaseback deal, this time it is between the Min-Sheng Asset Management Company and Daidelianghang Co. Top executives from both companies were present during the contract signing ceremony which took place in the rotary hall on the 23rd floor of Min-Sheng’s Jin-Kuo campus.

The latest sale and leaseback agreement gives the Min-Sheng Health Care System more capital to enhance the quality of medical services in all hospital areas and standards. Furthermore, it displays Min-Sheng’s management expertise and international medical cooperation through the sharing of resources and a future that will be created together.

System CEO Yang Minsheng said that Min-Sheng and ING completed Asia’s first sale and leaseback agreement. The case was very famous in both Taiwan’s medical and financial sectors, yet thus far there have been no other sale and leaseback agreements in the area. The Min-Sheng Health Care System had lots of success because of the agreement, which provided plenty of capital investment in health care over the past two years. This time Min-Sheng has cooperated with a local real estate company, Daidelianghang Co. Besides continuing to pursue an asset management strategy, the group is also evaluating the feasibility of health care real estate securitization, bringing another important innovation to Taiwan’s medical community!

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