Monday, June 7, 2010

Overseas Chinese Medical Professionals Visit Min-Sheng

On March 18, 2010, on the recommendation of the Executive Yuan, a delegation of 30 medical workers from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission visited Min-Sheng to observe the results of its international and innovative health care services.

In recent years, two major areas of strategic development at Min-Sheng have been quality and innovation.
Min-Sheng has largely achieved this goal by becoming the first hospital in Taiwan to become JCI and JCIDSC accredited.

In addition to getting a detailed description of Min-Sheng’s history, the itinerary also included a description of the current health care system, the challenges of becoming JCI accredited, diversification, successful integration with international medical institutions, and finally the development of strategic cross-border alliances. Afterward the delegation took a tour of the Medical Cosmetic Center, VIP Health Center, and the Telemedicine Center. The members of the delegation were especially interested in Smart Care Inc. and appreciative of General Manager Xu Mingxin’s explanation of the innovative services arising from telecare.

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