Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations! Taiwan's First Breast Imaging Center Established In Taipei

Min-Sheng Health Care subsidiary RadEx has once again come up with another medical breakthrough as Taiwan’s first remote video medical services firm. In the third year of developing its remote imaging technology, it has established a base in Taipei, working together with Yong-Cheng Clinic to build Zhi Zhang Dao Breast Imaging Center.
Zhi Zhang Dao Breast Imaging Center provides Taiwan's first exclusive breast screening clinic-based health examination. The clinic provides a unique space for privacy and comfort to conduct examinations, and a dedicated health care case manager to provide advisory assistance. Additionally, patients have other professional specialists at their disposal to explain and discuss the breast screenings.
RadEx is the first long-distance breast imaging platform that meets the needs of medical institutions to provide high quality professional breast imaging resources. Images are sent through a wireless network to be inspected and then immediately sent to RadEx for interpretation, allowing physicians to work more efficiently by improving the timeliness of reporting and the quality of response.

From start to finish, Min-Sheng Health Care System spared no expense in promoting medical innovation and service. RadEx has also continued to uphold the belief that long-distance medical imaging services provide females with more professional, private, and timely breast check options.

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