Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dr. Hsieh Huan-Fa to Serve as Long-Tan Hospital Superintendant

星期四, 三月 18, 2010

The inauguration of the new superintendant of Min-Sheng Medical System’s Long-Tan Hospital was held on March 2, 2010 in the Long-Tan General Hospital Conference Room.

CEO Yang stated that the former superintendant, Dr. Liu, would be transferred to headquarters to work as a senior consultant in the implementation of important tasks. The new superintendant, Dr. Hsieh, is a former National Defense Medical College Clinical Professor of Surgery. In addition to his experience as a research fellow at the University of Tennessee Oncology Center, Dr. Hsieh is experienced in breast surgery, digestive surgery, digestive endoscopy and endocrine surgery.

During the ceremony, Dr. Hsieh vowed to develop a more comprehensive medical plan while developing good physician groups for the Long-Tan General Hospital. He also emphasized that during his term in office, former superintendant, Dr. Liu had laid a good foundation to bring the residents of Long-Tan a peace of mind. He further added that they would still need his expert advice in the future.

Superintendant Hsieh Huan-Fa’s Areas of Expertise:
Breast disease, hernia surgery, hepatobilary and pancreatic surgery, thyroid cancer surgery, laparoscopic gallstone surgery, stomach and duodenum surgery, hemorrhoids and anal fistula surgery, breast cancer surgery, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, and liver surgery.