Sunday, February 28, 2010

期五, 二月 19, 2010
Sheng Hong Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. Among Asia-Pacific’s 500 Fastest Growing Technology Firms
Deloitte Global recently held a presentation ceremony in Hong Kong in which it named Sheng Hong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. the 31st fastest growing company in Asia Pacific.
Deloitte and Touche, one of the world’s top four accounting firms, has held this annual event, “Deloitte Asia-Pacific Technology’s Fastest Growing 500,” since 2002. The thousands of technology firms across the region are ranked according to their 3 year revenue growth rates. At the same time, they send out their Fastest 500 CEO survey. Taiwan had 99 high tech enterprises ranked in the survey, the most in the Asia Pacific region. Sheng Hong was ranked 8th overall in Taiwan and 1st in the pharmaceuticals category.
Since its inception, Sheng Hong Pharmaceutical Co. has had strong support to expand its business scope and continuously improve service quality in order to gain wider market recognition. The revenue growth rate reached 796% over the past 3 years. Despite these violent fluctuations in the business cycle, Sheng Hong has maintained excellence in business performance!
Mr. Lin, an executive at Deloitte, commented that Sheng Hong Pharmaceutical stands out among the other firms which were awarded due to its progressive management team, which has established a new model of development in the medical community. He added that using revenue performance to evaluate firms is a good way to assess enterprise value and operational strength. It represents the stability of the existing business base while implying the potential of enterprise development.
Chairman Fred Yang commented that revenue growth in the global business environment has been in a general decline. However, Sheng Hong uses innovative service concepts of medical integration and a wealth of medical experience and professional capabilities to enhance profit and value. Finally, he added that this international award serves as proof that Sheng Hong has indeed enhanced value while at the same time, it’s gained sufficient confidence to continue to achieve the company’s vision and strategy step by step.
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