Monday, February 1, 2010

The Rosa Garden, a health tourism medical park, was opened on January 22nd in Dasi.

With the trend in medical tourism poised to take off, Min Sheng became active in the industry two years ago. Going along with the theme of medical, health and leisure, Min-Sheng integrated the VIP health examination, decompression treatment, and travel holidays into its package at Rosa Gardens. Dasi is one of the top destinations being developed for medical tourism in Taiwan. Not only was the Rosa Garden designed to create warm and elegant aesthetics, but the cuisine offered there was created by a famous chef, Mr. Chen Guanxun, blending Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines together to lead a new wave of health food culture.

In all, the park can accommodate 65 guests and 12 banquet tables. The club house overlooks beautiful gardens, hillside pastures, and mountain vistas, inviting guests to enjoy nature’s embrace and the relaxed atmosphere.

CEO Yang stated that both food and medicine are part of the service industry, however, a healthy diet from the start ensures a happy life! Therefore, in order to achieve high diet standards, the kitchen at Rosa Gardens pays attention to ingredients of dishes, the amount of nutrients and the amount of calories because meeting the individual needs of different customers is not only Min-Sheng’s value, but its most important business philosophy. Additionally, the park provides a meeting venue with fishing, barbecues, karaoke and other recreational facilities.

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