Monday, February 1, 2010

Sheng-Hong Medical, Inc. Wins Golden Torch Award for Blue Chip Companies

The system’s Sheng-Hong Medical, Inc. won the Republic of China’s 8th Annual “Blue Chip Company Golden Torch Award” for 2009, with the ceremony being held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei.

Annual Golden Torch Award winners are selected based on projects which include business growth, business performance, philosophy, corporate culture, and future vision and planning. Although it certainly wasn’t easy for Sheng-Hong to stand out among the many blue chip companies, it was chosen for its many forward thinking domestic programs.

Liu Ching-Wen, general manager of the company, accepted the award at the Taipei Grand Hyatt Hotel on behalf of the firm. He pointed out that the award is given for the pursuit of business continuity and growth in order to strengthen the competitiveness of business. He also stated that Sheng-Hong is a model for sustainable development and the driving force behind the promotion of innovative services, high quality standards, and high value products in the health care industry, and hopes to continue to be in the future.

Chairman Yang Hong-Ren added that Sheng-Hong provides innovative services to effectively assist the pharmaceutical sector to enhance competiveness. He went on to say that the company has seen stable growth and profitability over the years and that it will continue to grow with cross border exchanges and a view to becoming Asia’s premier medical services provider.

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