Monday, June 7, 2010

Da-Yuan Min-Sheng Hospital Celebrates 18 Years of Quality Cardiopulmonary Service

Da-Yuan Min-Sheng Hospital was established 18 years ago on April 6. This 18 year anniversary happens to coincide with Min-Sheng Health Care System’s 35 year anniversary. In response to the population structure and changes in the health care system, Da-Yuan Hospital has evolved from an outpatient and community based hospital to a long-term care service provider. Min-Sheng’s Chairman Yang stated, “Da-Yuan Hospital has steadily grown its business in recent years, while becoming an integral part of the system’s overall development strategy.”
Dr. Hong-Ren Yang, who previously served as president of Da-Yuan Hospital, said that the successful transformation of the hospital over the past three years has produced outstanding results. He also thanked colleagues and fellow villagers for paying their support! He hopes to more accurately position the hospital, providing residents with the most consistent and high quality services. Current hospital president, Dr. Chang, said his team will establish goals for the future while meeting health care policies and assessing the feasibility of restoring emergency services.
The anniversary celebration was held on April 8 in the district hospital lobby. Some of the activities included watching a video of the hospitals transformation and growth over the years, recognition of outstanding senior staff, a birthday ceremony, a charity event, free blood pressure and blood glucose measurements and a concert performed by local elementary school students. The proceeds from the charity event held that day will be donated to those living in the Da-Yuan rural community so they can receive medical care.

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