Monday, June 7, 2010

Congratulations! Smart Care Health Care Services Reaches 5000 Members

Having only been formally launched in December of last year, Smart Care Intelligent Health Care Services already has more than 5000 members. Smart Care uses health care professionals in conjunction with information technology, personalized medical care and home remote management. This innovative concept of medical care services, termed houspital (House + Hospital), is the new standard for fully discharged patients who suffer from chronic diseases.

Smart Care has been added to Min-Sheng’s service network of institutions which includes Min-Sheng General Hospital, Sheng Hong Pharmaceutical Co., Min-Sheng’s Da Yuan campus,the Jing-Guo campus VIP Health Clinic, Min-Sheng’s long term nursing care agencies, five network hospitals and Min-Sheng’s community pharmacy services. All of these form a service network which provides a continuum of care for patients, enhancing the quality of health care services. Moreover, Min-Sheng’s JCI designation continues to serve the spirit of medical care while also symbolizing its commitment to giving patients a peace of mind.
Members of Smart Care can 1) use phone services 2) internet services 3) and automatic transmission measuring instruments that can upload physiological information based on their physical health. Members also have access to telephone care, health management services, appointment reminders, and telephone hotline services for consultation. The traditional medical model of risk management can be difficult to understand after discharge, therefore by using information communication technology and innovative service concepts, the hospital moves from passive to active, and even if the patients are at home, they have complete control of their physical health conditions, opening up a new type of doctor-patient relationship.
Smart Care is located in the basement of Min-Sheng’s Jing-Guo campus. The center is an important base for the development of remote health care. It also provides a comfortable environment where patients can enjoy free blood sugar and blood pressure measurements.
General Manager Xu commented that Smart Care is shaping the future of health care services. He estimates that as early as 2015, everyone will be able to have their physiological information automatically uploaded. By then, the role of health care providers and the doctor-patient relationship will have been completely transformed!